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Radio Shack 15-2146 Remote Control

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It's a Live! It Speaks Back To You!

Oct 26, 2007
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Pros:Voice Prompts, 58 buttons, Learming Mode with Macro Keys, Backlight keys all


The Bottom Line: Have you tried the rest? Still not happy then try this one out for size, you'll want more!

Radio Shack 15-2146 Easy Setup Voice Prompt Universal Remote by UEI
Review by Albert Ashton

I personally use voice prompt universal remote with my electronic equipment daily.

My personal thoughts are, that the Voice Prompt Universal Remote is an excellent additional to any home theater or basic system setup with more than enough features for everyone to use if configured correctly? The defaults settings are mostly for RCA TV, DVD, VCR, Satellite Receiver and Pioneer CD Player and Audio Receiver. Most users will have a completely different setup than the default but here is the gem of this remote it will not only guide you through the process but it will speak and tell you what to do next!

What devices can you use with this Remote
Home Theater in a Box
DVD or DVD Recorder
Support for Motorola DCT Series Digital Cable Box SD/HDTV with/without DVR

What’s in the Box
Universal Remote with Voice Prompt
45 page Manual

What’s not in the Box?
No batteries included (4 AAA are required)

6-in-1 Devices that can be controlled
Female Voice Prompts
Red Backlight all 58 buttons
Program Modes
Default for RCA and Pioneer
Pre-coding Programming
Scan Search
Learning Mode with Macro Buttons Commands
Sleeper Mode
All On Power
All Off Power
Backlight Button

Using the Voice Prompted Universal Remote

Default Mode for RCA Electronic Devices and Pioneer CD & Audio Equipment
TV, VCR, DVD, SATV, CD, and Audio Amp you’re all set to start using the remote.
But if you need to program the remote using the enclosed codes you can start using those to program the remote manually or auto using the search code method. To me the bet method is the Learning Mode with Macro Buttons Commands.

How use the Learning Mode work?
Now to me the best feature is the Learning Mode. Say you have a remote that is not listed in the codes at the back of the manual. Here is where you would use the learning Mode. Very easy to use I'll walk you through the steps.

1. Make sure you old remote is 2 inches from your Voice Prompt Universal Remote.
2. Press and hold the setup button near the speaker
3. Wait for the female voice to speak
4. Press [5]
5. Press [1]
6. Press device key> TV, AUX, CBL, DVD, Audio, VCR
7. Press the button you want to assign let's say [mute]
8. Press and hold on the old remote the button [mute]
9. Wait for the female voice to say Success!
0. Press had hold the [back] button and wait the female voice to say goodbye!

That's it! Repeat steps 5 thru 0 if you have additional buttons to learn. Again the process is easy with the voice walking you though each set.

Here are some of the equipment I had used to program this remote with:.

1. Trutech PLV1615T U - 15" Thin LCD TV (used the learning mode and macro)
2. Hauppauge Media MVP 1000 (used the learning mode and macros
3. Emerson EWL3706 37” HDTV (used the learning mode and macro)
4. Motorola DCT 2000, DCT 6200, DCT 6412 and DCT 6416 (used pre-program code mode and learning macros)
5. Toshiba 5 Disc CD/DVD Player (used pre-program codes mode)
6. Philips Divx DVD Player
7. Liteon DVD Recorder
8. Mintek DVD Player
9. Panasonic/Quasar 13”, 27”, 36”

One more thing about the Learning Mode say you forgot a key to add not problem just go back and run the setup then press 5 then 1 and the device function key, then the key you want to assign to use press it. Then hit the old remote key you want to send over to the new one. You can do this even with pre-coded commands too with macro buttons not in use.

What are Macro Command Buttons
These are smaller usually M1, M2 used for command task you would do daily with your remote. Like switch different inputs. S-Video to Component Video or Composite Video, Use them with X-10 lighting or Radio Shack Remote Control RF Lighting. Again this model is limited to 2 but you can use them with all 6 device key functions, plus all together there are 6 smaller buttons each have their own task but you can learn them for other task. Actually any button you can do that same with. Just like you were using the learning mode you use them the same way.

At the bottom of the remote there are 3 buttons BACK SETUP AND REPEAT these are for the female voice prompts just above the speaker.

Some find tweaking with this voice prompt universal remote for my Cox Cable Digital Universal Remote M780 which has the DVR List view. Most universal remotes are unable to read the multi-coded button but the Voice Prompt remote does because it’s also a UEI remote. I can also setup the Macros for [PVR Menu] which I use for [DVR List] and On demand I use [M1]. Even though I could just press 1 to bring up the On demand.
Also having a macro button makes it easier for me to get to the On demand that way!

The layout of the buttons looks like my Cox M780 which has extra navigation keys as Voice Prompted Universal does the same. Makes a perfect replacement remote for this purpose

Final Word
At night you can still watch your TV in the dark and just press the backlight button which will remain lite then goes off. Next time you press a button it will come back on. To end this just press the backlight button again to quit using the light.

Before I had mentioned the Hauppauge Media MVP 1000, there is also a review on this here on Epinions about how to use the network streaming device with your PC and TV. Now I can control that device with the Voice Prompt Universal Remote. Using the Learning mode and macros because the 45 button remote I use with the Media MVP has a lot of macro buttons already for Live TV, Videos, Radio (internet) Pictures and Music.
Now those features are on this remote and work just like before plus much quicker when I press the button no delay before the command is completed.

So far battery life has been very good.

Reference to:
UEI – Universal Electronics Inc.
COX – Cox Communication

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