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Raid Flea Killer -- spray it on your carpet and dog, too!

Jul 10, 2002 (Updated Jul 10, 2002)
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Pros:Kills fleas deader than hell

Cons:Might kill your plants and fish, too

The Bottom Line: Yeah, you can use this on a dog. But, it's much more effective as a way to rid your home of fleas.

I love Raid pest control products. There's none of that limp-wristed, "this stuff is all natural and wouldn't harm a fly" trash with Johnson Wax's Raid brand. Oh, heck no. With Raid, the message is more like, "there's a lot of deadly, barely-stable chemicals in this and one squirt will kill anything with six or eight legs." Yeah, that's what I want to hear. When I'm mad about a particular pack of bugs, I want every one of the bastards dead as soon as I dose them with a stream of man-made chemicals. In this age of "natural" pest control products that don't work worth a damn, Raid's a nice brand to have around -- one that's built a reputation for killing insects with chemicals that work quickly and directly. After all, just read the can -- "Kills Fleas Dead In Your Home and On Your Dog."

Now, here in Arkansas, fleas are a problem during the spring, summer and fall. They're a particularly bad problem in Casa de HawgWyld as we have a "sissy dawg" in the house as well as a couple of cats. Therefore, fleas must be battled constantly unless we want to surrender our home to them. In our war against the bastard fleas, we've formed a solid alliance with Raid Flea Killer around here and have managed to keep the little critters from gaining a foothold in our home.

Now, according to the purple can of this stuff, here are the active ingredients (for the folks interested in such things):

Piperonyl butoxide, technical (0.140%)
Tetramethrin (0.063%)
N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide (0.980%)

So, what does all that mean? Damned if I know. However, I do know this -- this flea killer gets rid of fleas (and cuts down on ticks, too) and hasn't made any of my family members (wife, two children and me) or our dogs and cats sick. And, when I say it gets rid of fleas, I mean it. I ran a little test, in fact.

This stuff, according to Raid, can be sprayed directly on dogs. So, I tried it on my dog after I noticed about five fleas on her stomach. I squirted said dog and the fleas dropped dead instantly. That's proof enough, I think, and I spray our carpets lightly with this about once a week. I started using this after my home was almost taken over by fleas about two years ago and noticed I was able to reclaim my territory very quickly. And, I've learned that a light dusting amounts to "flea genocide" in a house, so getting rid of the little bastards with Raid is cheap, too (about $5 a can).

And, wait, there's more! The can says this stuff works on ticks (as I've mentioned), and I can vouch for that. It's also supposed to eliminate roaches, silverfish and crickets. I haven't had the chance to experiment on any of those posts. However, I have sprayed an ant or two with it and even blasted a flying bug out of the air with Raid. Those critters curled up and died, too. So, I'd wager that few insects can survive a snoot-full of Raid.

Now, such insect-slaughtering power does come with a drawback or two. First of all, the can warns that it can kill plants and fish. Second, this stuff is poison and should be kept away from children (particularly my children -- Raid kills pests, after all). Third, the can says nothing about spraying it on cats, so I'd avoid doing that. Fourth, the stuff is a bit stinky, but the odor doesn't hang around for long.

All in all, Raid has made yet another product that works as promoted. It's a no-nonsense can full of chemicals that kills the hell out of fleas. That's good enough for me.

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