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Fleas Raided My Home

Oct 16, 2000
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Pros:easy to use and not unpleasant smelling

Cons:have to follow directions to the letter or it won't work

My husband went to True Value looking for flea spray for our yard and for our house. We had shaved, dipped, and shampooed the dog until she was naked. (Well, she should have been.) Snuggles still never seemed to get rid of the fleas. He bought a yard spray (don't know what it was) and it seemed to work outside, since the freshly bathed dog came in with no fleas. It was my job to use the Raid Flea Killer Plus inside.

We used this one 16 ounce can, and still have some left over in the can. We sprayed my son's small bedroom and our small living room. My son's room has plush carpet. The can says to spray it from two feet on this type of surface. Shake the can, hold it facing the surface, and spray in a uniform sweeping motion across the entire floor. We did this and sprayed my sons futon mattress, too.

Next, was the living room, which has a wood floor. In this room, I was to hold the can 3 feet from the surface and spray it in the same way. In here, I also sprayed the couch and recliner...both favorite spots of Snuggles'.

Since we had already sprayed the yard, shaved the dog and bathed her, we were ready to bring her in. After 24 hours, we did notice that many of the fleas were dead. My daughter had fewer bites on her face and limbs. We had to assume it was working. Unfortunately, with all of the other precautions, it still wasn't enough. We still had fleas. Not as bad, but they were there. If you have fleas, you have eggs. If you have eggs, you have more fleas. We had to hope that it would at least kill the eggs. The can says it "Kills Hatching Eggs for up to 4 months."

After about a month, I think it actually did work. I have seen no fleas in my house for a couple of weeks. Sure, occasionally, we noticed one on Snuggles' paw or a few on her belly. But going outside, some fleas are going to get on her.

The smell it left was a rather strong flowery smell. I actually didn't mind the smell, once its potency wore of a little. It made me sneeze at first. When I took a deeper breath, I could feel my sinuses sort of tingle. I knew why Raid recommended leaving the premises upon use. It would be damaging to inhale too much, and it sure would cause a heck of a sneezing fit.

And now for what it says on the can...

Active Ingredients
Not that I know what any of this is...I'm sure some of you do.
Piperonyl Butoxide, Technical
N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide
Inert Ingredients (97.782%)
contains 0.100% sodium nitrate

The can is to be stored in a cool, dry place, out of the reach of children. It is to be disposed of, without puncturing, in the trash.

When you do spray this, make sure you do not allow yourself or anyone else to remain in an non-vented room. Do Not allow it to seep into your skin, eyes or clothing. Wash your hands after using the product. Cover and turn off fish tanks, and remove any other pets and plants from the premises.

The can also recommends trying this in an inconspicuous area, so you don't discolor your carpet or upholstery.

I would recommend Raid Flea Killer Plus to someone who has a moderate flea problem. Unfortunately, we no longer have Snuggles, so I doubt fleas will be a problem for our household in the future. If they are, we still have some left. Until then, I'll continue to do the sock test.

My best friend taught me a couple of things. Wear white socks around the house. They may get dirty, but you'll also see the fleas easier than digging through the dog's hair and the furniture. The other was to have a glass of water sitting around. If you find fleas on your socks, put them in the glass of water. If they sink, they are dead. So far, they've all been dead...even the ones I picked off of Snuggles.

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