Raid Fumigator Fumigating Fogger

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Wonderful product! Been using for years.

Apr 18, 2009
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Pros:No need to wipe down residue from mist. Can use around pilot lights. It works!

Cons:Need to evacuate area being treated for three hours.

The Bottom Line: This is great for clearing insects and spiders from a room or space with a lot of nooks and crannies. Don't expect residual action, use something else for that.

I've been using Raid Fumigator Fumigating Foggers since 1992 and have been very satisfied. When I bought my house in 1992 I noticed a lot of insects inside. I wanted to use a fumigator before moving in but was afraid of potential overspray attacking the finish on the wood floor. Plus I didn't like having to wipe down everything to get rid of any mess or residue.
While at the home center I noticed the Raid Fumigator on the shelf. Since it didn't leave any residue I decided to try it. I set off several fumigators in the house (small house) and returned the next day. I found a lot of dead bugs. It seemed to penetrate everywhere. Plus I didn't see any more crawling around in the days following.
I've used this since to clear my (detached) garage and laundry of spiders including black widows which are very hard to kill. My gas water heater is in the laundry. Not having to worry about the pilot light setting off explosive fumes is a plus. 
A few years ago I noticed some black and tan granules on the shelves in my laundry. I knew the black ones were cricket droppings but wasn't sure about the tan ones. I put some in a jar and later showed them to my exterminator. He said they were from dry wood termites. I told him about using one of these in the laundry after I had noticed the granules. He said that the Raid Fumigator would have penetrated enough to kill the termites so I didn't have much to worry about. (Dry wood termite colonies here in Arizona are small, later when doing remodeling I noticed they had only infested a few boards. But they were gone!) 
About eight years ago bees set up housekeeping in the wall of my laundry. Since the wall was partially open to the inside, I waited until they had shut down for the night, sealed off the laundry and set one of these off next to the hive. No more bees!
I just set out another of these in my laundry as bees had discovered another entry and were again attempting to set up housekeeping in the wall. I taped clear plastic over the door so I could watch what happened. Smoke came out for about 30 seconds or so then stopped but the fumigator continued making a hissing noise. About a minute later some bees that had been crawling along the window frame dropped onto the floor.
I don't know if the 30 seconds of smoke is typical or not. I've never set and watched one of these go off and the one I was using was about seven years old.
I talked to the Raid customer service after the first time I used these. They said to either remove dinnerware from cabinets or tape them up. Make sure there are no open seams. They said it could also penetrate the gap in the heads of a VCR so I should remove the VCR also. (It was 1992). I think I'd remove a CD, DVD or Blu-ray player before using it to keep the smoke from settling on the laser. It really penetrates.
The active ingredient is permethrin. It's harmless to most mammals and birds but is harmful to fish, cats and small mammals like mice. Take note because permethrin is also used in many dog flea powders. Permethrin is in some over the counter head lice treatments at a 1% concentration.

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