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Show Those Pests That You Mean BUSINESS!

Oct 3, 2000
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Pros:Kills those critters DEAD, and it's EASY to use!

Cons:Might want to use a "backup" system for ongoing pest control

I live in an old wooden house that is just full of cracks and crevices. Although I have never had a problem with roaches here (thank goodness!!), there are quite a few spiders that seem to love living here, so this stuff is EXCELLENT for getting into all those cracks and crevices and killing those suckers DEAD!

I live in 'brown recluse spider' country, so ridding this old house of spiders is especially important to me because I have a 2-year-old... and nothing I've ever seen or tried has ever been able to get to the places where the Fumigator smoke can reach!

I prefer this product over the spray-type foggers because it doesn't
leave a sticky residue all over everything when you use it. Rather than spewing liquid poison everywhere, it uses water to make a chemical reaction that makes it release the smoke, and it permeates all those little cracks and crevices, especially behind walls, where
we all know various critters just love to nest!

Each package contains 3 cartridges and insulator cups. This product is very easy to use - just open the pull-top can, remove the inner cartridge and add a bit of water up to the fill line. (I put water in all the cans first and place them where they I think they are most effective. Then once I'm done with placing them around the house, I just drop the cartridges inside, and hit the road (for at least 3 hours).

(Of course, you have to do some preparation first - turn off aquarium pumps and cover tanks securely, open all cabinets and drawers, close all windows, remove plants & pets, and turn off all fans, air conditioners and/or heaters. You also may want to seal up any cracks that you can, in windows, for instance, and make sure that the air exchanger on your window A/C is set on "closed" so that the smoke won't escape out of the opening. Of course, disconnect your smoke alarms too! You should also
remove exposed food, and either remove or use newspaper to cover dishes,
utensils, and surfaces. (I usually just leave the dishes as is and then
wash them afterwards - a bit of a pain, but I like knowing for a fact that any possible residue from the smoke is 100% removed before I use my dishes!)
One extra thing I like to do is to unplug as many things as I can from electrical outlets, so the smoke has an easy path to get inside the walls. While it's not necessary to do so, I want to give this product
as much help as I can so it will be its' most effective. :-)

The instructions on the package, as well as their website, explains all of these steps to follow to ensure maximum effectiveness of the product.

Since this old house has very high ceilings, I like to use more Fumigators than the label suggests to use, just to make sure that there is enough smoke to reach that high and get into the attic as well. If you can get IN to your attic, it would be better to put at least one can in there (depending on the size), but sine we are unable to access the attic, I like to use a couple of extra cans in the house.

For normal sized rooms, use one can in each room up to 16x20 feet, or use 2 cans in extra large rooms (spacing them apart from each other). Prepare your "path" ahead of time - attic first if you're putting one in there, and start from the back of the house and work your way to the front until you reach the door. Another good thing about the Raid Fumigator is that once you drop the cartridge in, you don't have to instantly run a race to get out of the house, since it does take a minute or so for the chemicals to react with the water before it starts to generate the smoke. It doesn't leave an unpleasant 'roach spray' smell behind, which is nice. :-) I personally don't know of anyone who likes
the smell of roach sprays, and with the Fumigator, there's no need to irritate your nose with the stench of spray bug killers.

I've never come in to a room full of smoke when I returned, but you still need to open up windows and doors and let your home air for about 30 minutes, before turning everything back on again, and getting ready to clean up the, um, "aftereffects". <g>

I have used this product in a home that did have roaches, and I was amazed
at the number of dead ones I found, absolutely EVERYWHERE. (The only good roach is a DEAD roach, I say!)

Once I even used a Fumigator in my car when it had become infested with German cockroaches while moving boxes for a friend (YUCK!), and I could see them all crawling on the windows trying to find an escape route - in other words, this stuff WORKS, and I could see it with my own eyes - something you can't do at home - so it can also be used in unusual places with great results as long as the area is closed in.

I wouldn't use this as the only method of pest control, though - it's great for killing live insects, but for 'maintenance' purposes, I also
would use baits (like Raid Max, or Combat (another favorite of mine), along with the Fumigator, for excellent pest control.

While there *are* cheaper methods, this is the first thing I do when moving in to a new home, before I move anything in - and if you haven't tried this stuff, I strongly suggest you give it a try.

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