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SC Johnson & Son Raid House & Yard Fogger 12 Pack (74850)

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Raid House and Yard Fogger..Take your Stink Bugs back to China !!

Sep 30, 2010 (Updated Nov 20, 2010)
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Pros:Great for indoor use, if it can kill roaches it will kill anything.

Cons:Oily petroleum taste if you breathe any in.

The Bottom Line: Will do a fantastic job of killing unwanted bugs. Cover anything waxed, like floors and tables.

If anyone in my surrounding area has seen it on the news or in the paper, Frederick County went under alert for "Stink Bug" status. Department of Agriculture is blaming Fort Detrick, and they are blaming a Chinese shipment that came 2 months ago. They are everywhere that when I went to Cardiologist a week and half ago, they had a sign on the door saying shake the bugs off you. Between my Venus test to check my legs and my Echo Doppler I went out and had a smoke and standing there for 5 minutes I had to shake off at least 15 of them on my legs. It gotten so bad at Peter's shop and our places, that something had to be done. Petey said If I helped him that he'd pay for mine. 

At Peteys shop I had to cover his servers, fax machines, computers and put away are valuable paperwork. I turned off his fish tanks air pumper and filter and covered the top with newspaper. At both of our places we opened all the cabinet drawers and covers everything that we couldn't put away from the spray. Make sure all windows are close and in a infants room cover their crib and bed. Peters put his dogs, cats out. He bought 5 - three packs of this Raid - House & Yard Fogger (81590). I swear this is the year of the bug. Just 2 weeks ago I was doing the same thing for fleas. 

Affirmative Action
We started at the office. Opening the box it says to shake each can for a minute, that was easy. To tilt the can as your press on the top of the sprayer until you here it pop into place was easy. The worst thing about it you can get consumed by just a whiff of the spray and it hits the back of your throat and tastes very filmy and nasty. While I was doing this at the office, Peters as doing his home. These 1.5 ounce foggers will cover 5,000 cubic feet,so I really over did his office. You do as your told. After I started the sprayers, I came back here to my place and set my cans loose. Important notice, it say leave sprayed area for 3 hours at least. So when you get in your house open a couple windows that have screens on them to ventilate the house, apartment, etc. 

What it says it does
It says it will kill stink bugs, flies, crickets,roaches, spiders, ants and 12 other bugs. You can use this in your home, garage, sheds, or even as a yard fogger if your having a outside party. But spray before you light up that grill. When you kill stink bugs like we did, it took forever to clean up. They don't die and fall to the ground, that would be too easy. They cling to drapes or what ever surface they are on. Thank God for the hose on Peters Dyson. The office I vacuum up and brushed off at least 150 of them, at his home thousands. They were every where. My place had about a hundred that I vacuumed up. The sad thing about it is I went outside for my first cup of coffee this morning and there they were again all over the outside. I walked over to my truck and get a 12 pack of soda out of it and poor Betsy was covered from bumper to bumper with them. 

This is a time consuming matter and clean-up is what will take most of your time. Removing newspapers and vacuuming. Watch so children don't play with any of the newspaper you laid down. Active ingredient: Cypermethrin. One can will cover a room that is 25' x 25' x 8' .Wear clothing that covers your body, old jeans and a full sleeve shirt and cover those eyes, nose and mouth. 

Thanks for reading !!!

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