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Rapala Tournament Fishing (Nintendo Wii, 2006)

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The box is more exciting than the game...

Feb 10, 2008 (Updated May 17, 2008)
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Pros:You can drive the boat and use the remote to cast.

Cons:very poor execution. an ad should be cheaper.

The Bottom Line: This is an ad for Rapala gear. Not much thought put into the game itself. Poor gameplay, poor graphics, not interesting.

First off, the box shows using a remote AND a nunchuck:False. By the packaging, I thought, maybe I'd use the remote to cast and control the rod, and the nunchuck to reel in. Wrong. You use the remote and only the remote, and not even really like normal "casting" motions.

I owned "Pro-Fishing" for my PS2, released around 2002 and it's more exciting than this. You'd have to hook the fish and follow it thoughout the fight (if it was a keeper) to land the fish.

Now granted, this is basically an ad for Rapala, but at least they should have put some thought into it beyond advertising their product (or, priced it below $10 for an even trade). For example, as each level loads, you are "quizzed" on everything Rapala, smart marketing/brainwashing. However, I didn't realize that you HAVE to answer these correctly in order to unlock certain features of the game.

One "new" feature is actually being able to drive the boat to different locations. No wait, that's also a bad feature because it doesn't default to the driver's view when you switch to drivers mode (away from fishing mode), so often you're in a cozy little cove, looking down at the boat, trying in vain to steer it out---looking backwards at the person driving the boat (you?) with the guy saying, "I wouldn't fish there". (no reasons given and usually wrong)

Oh yeah, being a WII game, it is kind of cool being able to cast with the remote, but evidently your actual force or control has little or nothing to do with aiming or anything, really. Throughout the game, you must select the correct Rapela line/lure, and be educated on their product while doing so.

So, you finally cast (in areas where your "guide" says, "There's not any fish here..") and can actually watch your lure sink down between flat layers of "weeds". None of the lures seem to take anything into account regarding reeling; either they float or sink..usually to the bottom (in spite of the ad stating how precisely you can regulate the depth depending on your reeling). All the fish basically look the same size (and incredibly Nintendo64ish). At least in my old fishing game, you'd see whoppers or you could real in before a little guppy hit your hook. And, in my old fishing game, you could feel the difference between the sizes. In this game, it's like they just created a few 'rumbles' for interest. You have no idea what the fish is doing, except your guide will say "go left--she's pulling left, let her run" and yes, the remote IS responsive to this...you can aim the remote left, right up or down.

After reeling (you can adjust drag during the "fight" but it doesn't seem to do anything) and reeling, either you'll have the luck of your player just landing the trophy, or you'll be presented with a graphic of a fast moving fish and a small target (net...obviously NOT a Frabill) and you'll have to accurately aim the remote and precisely press whatever button combination comes up on the screen which includes ALL of the buttons on the remote---while aiming...in about 20 attempts, I've been able to do this maybe twice (the larger the fish, the more buttons to push). Or, you'll simply be close to the boat, with little to no tension and, "Oh! The fish threw the hook."

After the 20 or so attempts, and giving this game it's fair amount of play (8 hours or more), I have no desire to play it again. The graphics aren't great, the play and the response of the remote aren't truly factored in (seem more like afterthoughts) and it's just plain boring.

Again, by comparison, my boyfriend spent days competing in the tournaments in the PS2 Pro-Fishing game and we'd just pop it in for fun. It was exciting and fun watching someone stalking a monster and successfully landing it. This holds none of that.

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Players are invited to cast their lines into the lakes found in Rapala Trophies: Pro Tournament Fishing and catch a whopper. Featuring 20 different to...
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Players are invited to cast their lines into the lakes found in Rapala Trophies: Pro Tournament Fishing and catch a whopper. Featuring 20 different to...
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