Razer BlackWidow Ultimate RZ03-00380100-R3U1 Wired Keyboard Reviews
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Razer BlackWidow Ultimate RZ03-00380100-R3U1 Wired Keyboard

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The Razer Blackwidow Blues

Dec 5, 2011
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Pros:Tactile Feel , Backlit, Macro Keys, Cherry MX Blue Keyswitches, Durable Construction, Wired

Cons:Heavy, Noisy, Wire Wrapping failed over time, had to firmware update multiple times, Wired

The Bottom Line: I recommend this keyboard to any PC Gamer or Professional Typist, it is rated for millions of keypresses, and it has awesome aesthetics with a great feel.

First off, this keyboard is AWESOME! I was in the market looking for a great gaming keyboard when I came across the popular Razer Blackwidow Ultimate. At first glance it had all of the things I had wanted, backlighting, mechanical keyswitches, durable construction, Wired and 1000hz response signal. After my purchase I found many other aspects to this keyboard that I had originally overlooked that later completely changed my original opinion. Upon unboxing my keyboard I immediatly could feel the durability, it was heavy, and it came in a very sturdy and safe packaging. I immediatly noticed the sleek gloss finish (which later I found was very prone to showing oily hand/palm/finger prints. The keyboard came with a teflon wrapped cable with 4 different connectors on the end, 2 usb (1 for the keyboard itself and 1 for the keyboards USB sideport) and 2 audio connectors for mic and speakers. Over time the wrapping began to split slighty (as there is a very thin plastic sheath beneath the actual teflon wrapping) though I travel and game alot could be partly to blame. The keyboard is still holding up fine after plenty of abuse and thousands of miles of travel from place to place. Upon plugging this keyboard in it required no software (even though it was shipped with a CD). I immediatly enabled the LED Backlights which to my suprise have multiple settings of brightness and a fade in/out settings. The LEDs are VERY bright on setting #3 and have plenty of visibility in both low and high light settings. The tactile feel of these Cherry MX Blue switches are absolutly TO DIE FOR! At first I had thought that the tactile feel would help me do much less key-missing in fast paced gaming but after typing multiple college reports on this keyboard I will NEVER buy another regular 15$ keyboard again. The tactile feel really does give you a feel for what you are typing, I type at 100 words per minute and every keystroke really gives me confidence in my typing. You can tell exactly when you have and have not pressed keys given the very audible clicky clicky clicky and the click your fingers feel when you press the key past its actuation point. This keyboard IS VERY NOISY if you do not like alot of noise then this keyboard is not for you. Other additional features included 5 Real-Time Macro Keys that can be recorded WITHOUT ANY SOFTWARE and are stored in the keyboards internal memory. This keyboard also has various function keys atop the f1-12 keys for control of media player and volume. The Blackwidow also has a VERY USEFULL function key that allows the windows key to be disabled at the users discretion without ANY software modification (very usefull for fast paced gaming). The keyboard has a very comfortable layout, based on the tried and true basic DELL layout, every key is easily reachable. 

A few things did go wrong with this keyboard along the way, on multiple occasions when the keyboard was subjected to extended periods of not being powered it ceased to continue working. I DID find a Solution to this problem tho, simply using a different keyboard long enough to download the firmware update for it fixed this issue and the keyboard went back to working like a charm. At one point my 5 key's LED backlight ceased working, after refusing to break the keyboard open to manually repair it no less than a week later it started working again and hasnt turned off since (this is not a bad solder joint). 

All in all if you are a PC gamer and you are not using Cherry keyswitches shame on you. Go to your local electronics store and try one out, if the tactile feel ALONE doesnt convince you to buy one then maybe all of the other additional features can. As well as being ONE OF THE CHEAPEST and most available Mechanical keyboards on the market it is supported by Razers warranties and return policies. Which in the past have had horror stories but lately have become one of the industries best!

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 120

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