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Rcbs Stuck Case Remover (09340)

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RCBS Stuck Case Remover: Made in USA

Sep 13, 2011
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Pros:Quality, Made in USA, Solves a problem

Cons:More people should reload their own ammunition

The Bottom Line: The RCBS Stuck Case Remover solves a problem that arises occasionally during the reloading process. Made in USA

RCBS Stuck Case Remover

If you reload ammunition you will probably experience a stuck case from time to time.  A stuck case occurs during the sizing process where the fired brass cases are squeezed back down to factory dimensions and the case gets stuck in the sizing die and when you try to get it back out, the rim pulls off, leaving you in a mess.  The case is jammed into the die and there seems to be no way to latch onto it to get it back out.

The stuck case occurs most likely because the reloader made a mistake; either failing to lube a case or jamming a die down over a case that is too tight. These are both the result of inattention and hurrying instead of being deliberate in your method, but it happens and you need a way to deal with the problem of your reloading being interrupted. The moral of the story is always take your time and stop when you run into something that doesn't seem right.

The Stuck Case Remover consists of five simple parts, a drill bit, a tap, a cap screw, an Allen wrench to fit the screw, and a spacer that will allow the shell to rise out of the die as you lever it out with the screw.

To use the kit, you first remove the die from your press and unscrew the center decapping rod out of the die. You then drill straight through the primer pocket brass to enable tapping of the hole.  From there you put the hollow spacer over the shell and thread the screw into the hole you tapped in the base of the shell.  By screwing the screw into the shell with the screw head working against the spacer, it slowly pulls it out of the die, and because of the great leverage of the screw threads no matter how stuck it is, it will come out.

Clean the die out while you have it in your hand to make sure any debris that was jammed in there with the shell is removed. Then you can reinsert the decapping rod into the die and return the die to the press for more resizing.  Just make sure to lube your cases from now on.

The RCBS Stuck Case Remover is a life saver when you get one of those rare stuck cases and is worth much more than you pay for it when you need it.

All RCBS reloading tools are made in the USA and are high quality because the company only makes reloading equipment and the people reload themselves so they understand the challenges.

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