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I'll Swallow Your Soul With A Glass of Ice Cold Milk

May 6, 2010
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Pros:Nice weight, unique design, hand made, rolled edges.

Cons:Requires a good bit of time to decorate.

The Bottom Line: Death. A tasty afternoon snack.

As mentioned in my review of Copper Gifts, I was more than a little curious about the Grim Reaper cookie cutter that I saw at their website. I've seen other death-related cookie cutters like tombstones and coffins but to come across Death himself, well, that is a true treat. Most of the cutters that I own are plastic perimeter cutters, metal or the Wilton Comfort Grip cutters. I have some copper ones but most of them were bought as sets for Halloween. I paid about thirteen dollars for this cutter so it is definitely the most expensive cookie cutter that I own. After using it with a couple of different cookie dough recipes I am pleased with the cutter, how it cores and the resulting shape.

The only possible negative to this cutter is that you do need to invest time in to decorating it. If you try to use sugar sprinkles on it or frost it with one color, well, it isn't going to look like anything but an amoeba. The Copper Gifts website has a couple of great examples of how to decorate these; you can get away with using two or three colors of royal icing on them but the more you play around with it the easier it gets to decorate them. So far the quickest way to get them decorated is to put the cooled cookies on a wire rack and coat them with black royal icing. Allow the excess to drip off and then let it harden. Use a squeeze bottle and add gray or white accents to create the details on the robe, hood and bag. I did go a little crazy and added clear sugar crystals to the second part of the royal icing / outline areas. It looked good but it made the dry time a little longer.

It's weird having cookie cutters listed as a Toy.
It's even stranger when it's a grim reaper cookie cutter.

I wouldn’t suggest this cutter for those just getting in to cookie decorating. It isn't a hard shape to work with but it requires patience when cutting them out and transferring them to the baking sheet as well as allowing them to cool and then decorating them. The cutter itself is exceptional; I almost didn’t want to christen it when it arrived because it had the most beautiful sheen to it. The only thing that could make this perfect could be to have the scythe cut out; you can do that after you press out the dough. Just use a sharp knife and cut out the area around the blade so that it looks a little more sinister. There's nothing wrong with the shape as it is but cutting out the area around the scythe does give it a nicer look. With the edging of the scythe, cutting out of shapes, transfer to the cookie sheet, cool time and decorating them you are looking at about three hours from start to finish for a complete batch. If you want to make the cookies one day and let them cool to decorate them at a later time you can but you will have to make sure you have an air tight container to store them in. You will also have to make sure that you stack them evenly so they don't warp or crack.

I have never seen a grim reaper cutter shaped like this so chances are most stores won't have anything comparable. This is a larger sized cutter so it does require more icing and surface decorating but the end result is amazing. I can't wait to make these with green food tint for the reaper and an almost clear royal icing that I will accent with black and gray icing. I haven't had the chance to use these with brownies but I would imagine that it would work perfectly because of the size and depth of it. Normally I would shy away from a copper cutter because of the amount of upkeep that is involved with them but I simply couldn't pass up getting this one.

This is easy to work with if you take your time; you can't just roll out some dough and start whacking these out because there is a good chance that they will stretch out and get distorted when you are moving them. I used an extremely cold dough and that worked out great for them to hold their shape. The cutter doesn't have much flex to it so it isn’t something that is going to need to have adjustments made to it every time you use it. Copper Gifts did an excellent job with this cutter and when I need a specialty shape chances are they will be one of the first sites that I will check for availability. Halloween will be the true test of the Grim Reaper cutter but so far it has been a lot of fun to experiment with.

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