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UnDone, Does Away With Bad Hair Days

Sep 7, 2003
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Pros:Makes hair pliable and easy to with, Doesn't weigh hair down or build up

Cons:None - I'm SOLD

The Bottom Line: I love this product and highly recommend it. It helps add definition to any style (except an updo) Especially nice for fine hair that gets weighed down easily.

This is a carry-over from my previous review about Redken Traction Spray Gel. For those of you who have not read that review; I am somewhat of a hairstyling klutz (or at least I used to be). My hairstylist actually had me using other Redken products but when I was out of town one month, I visited a Trade Secret store wanting something different for my locks. I had previously used products such as in-the-loop for permed hair, but due to a problem with hair loss, I had to find other styling methods that were not as hard on my hair.

The in-store representative told me I could use Undone on either dry or wet hair and that it would help me give my hair texture and separation. I was hesitant as since my hair is very fine, I felt my hair would be weighed down by a cream. But he assured me this is not like a pomade and that I could return it if it didn't work for me. Well, I've been using the stuff for over a year now and I'm on my second container. So, I guess he knew what he was talking about!

What InDone is All About

Undone comes in a pearl beige, cylinder, about 1.25 in diameter and 2 in tall. It has a very unique dispensing method - the product simply pops up through a little whole in top. All you do is push your fingers over the top of the tube. (It took me a whole container to actually figure this out - I would always turn it upside down and press it over my palm which also worked well). The scent of Undone is very pleasant.

This product is unlike pomades and in fact Redken calls it a cream. Last week, I went into a salon to replace my Undone. I was actually considering another product and thinking of getting a pomade. In the end, I decided to get Undone again, and was shocked when the stylist called it a pomade. It is NOT a Pomade. You apply it like a Pomade but the texture is far lighter and it doesn't build up like a Pomade. Therefore, you can use a lot more of it.

How to Use UnDone

According to the directions, it says to apply to damp or dry hair. That is all it says so I'll tell you how I use it on my hair.

I usually spray traction into my hair and then dry my hair till it's just slightly damp but has lots of volume. Then I dispense a substantial amount of the cream. I like to rub it into my hands lightly so that it is fairly evenly distributed and easier to work into my hair. I basically try to set pieces into place with my fingers. I don't apply it over my whole head; but just in the crown area where I'm wanting real definition. If I need more it, I apply more until I'm satisfied with the look. This product is great at giving the "messy" look.

Earlier this year, I was unable to use heat appliances whatsoever as I had lost a lot of hair (due to illness) and my hair was in very bad shape. I would use Undone as my ONLY styling aid slightly damp hair and finger style it. This worked very well considering the condition of my hair at the time.

If you need to redo your hair the next day, you can actually apply more undone without fear of build-up. I DO prefer to brush product out first if I've sprayed it with hairspray so that hair is more pliable and easy to work with.

The Verdict

This product has really helped me get rid of bad hair days. It makes my hair pliable and easy to manage; no easy feat for fine, flyaway hair.

The product lasts a very long time - with almost daily use, I'm on my second container in just over a year. Therefore, I feel it is an excellent value despite the initial shock at the counter price.

Undone has tremendous lasting ability and can turn anyone into a styling pro. The creme is weightless, will not build up and works as advertised. It does not add a oily look to your hair whatsoever and in fact adds no shine. If you want extra shine, try adding Redken Glass. I've also used Biosilk Silk Therapy with decent results.

As far as hold, the product only gives a soft hold, BUT the separation and definition is so good that this may be all you really need. I find it holds up very well even against the strong Oklahoma and Southern Alberta Winds and they don't come much stronger! I do sometimes add a small amount of finishing mist to my hair if I'm concerned but I don't believe a medium sized can of hairspray in 2 years is a huge investment. That speaks well for the holding power of Traction and Undone together.

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