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Relion Auto-Inflate Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

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Grasp my arm and tell me the facts. And make them reliable, fast, and easy!

May 21, 2005 (Updated May 21, 2005)
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Pros:Reliable and accurate, AC adapter included, moderately priced, sturdy, five year warantee

Cons:I can't think of one con about this unit!

The Bottom Line: Omoron makes ReliOn products exclusively for Wal-Mart. This unit is accurate, simple to use, and sturdy. For those who need to have accurate b/p readings, the search is over.

When my blood pressure went from borderline low to quite low, my doctor suggested that I take my blood pressure upon awakening and after the dizzy spells I had been having. He suspected that the blood pressure was so low, it was causing my symptoms.

I had no idea what type of blood pressure monitor to get so I started researching. I learned that wrist type cuffs are highly inaccurate. I learned that the manual type where you actually have to listen to the pulsing of your heart through a stethoscope would be too tough for me for a variety of reasons and I would question the accuracy of the results.

Then I found the number one rated in home automatic blood pressure monitor – The ReliOn Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor. First, let me say that ReliOn is actually made by Omoron, a leader in health monitors of all kinds. This is the Wal-Mart exclusive version and is carried only at Wal-Mart online or in the brick and mortar stores. You get Omoron quality at Wal-Mart prices and that’s a very good thing! Generally, I always go for the “real thing” rather that similar products. However, this monitor is made by Omoron and is the exact same one as one they sell at about $15-$18 more. In this case, the monitor is not a similar one, it’s the exact one, made just for Wal-Mart to sell.

This little machine does everything at a price that most people can afford.

The Official Word

This comes from where I purchased my monitor:
Rated "Best Buy in Home Blood Pressure Monitors" by the top independent U.S. product testing laboratory
• Automatic blood pressure monitor
• Easy-to-read large display panel
• Inflates and deflates automatically
• Systolic, diastolic and pulse readings
• Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included)
• Model No. HEM-741CREL

What you Get

In the box is a good sized monitoring display (3.5 x 7.125 x 5.0) with an attached tube and arm cuff. This unit takes four AA batteries but also comes with an AC adapter which makes it economical when taking your blood pressure at home or anywhere where there is an outlet. I have never used the batteries in mine since I take my b/p at home and am always near an outlet. There is plenty of room between the plug in and the device so you don’t need to be right on top of the outlet, just about three feet or so. The cuff is made to fit a standard adult arm from nine to 13 inches around. You can buy a large cuff that fits those with arms 13-16 inches around optionally. The unit weights about a pound a half and the monitor is tilted upward so you can see at a glance, and in any lighting, what your reading is.

The instruction booklet is very clear and simple to follow and, honestly, even without any instructions, most people could easily figure out how to use this unit. The booklet also has a journal for you to record many days worth of blood pressure readings and some info on what readings should be discussed with your doctor (borderline high and high readings are discussed. It doesn’t mention that low blood pressure can be a problem because it probably isn’t one for most people).

Lastly, it comes with a full five-year warrantee. ReliOn/Omoron will repair or replace your unit of it becomes defective with normal use within five years. That’s quite a warrantee!

My Experience

The monitor has a large blue ON/OFF button. You push that to turn the unit on. When you do, it displays a ready screen. There is a dark blue MEMORY button which holds your last 14 readings. You can opt to scroll through those and see your readings or move right on to taking your blood pressure. The grey cuff is easy to wrap around your left arm and secures with Velcro. Once the cuff is on, push the START button and the cuff will inflate. As it does, you can watch the numbers go up, then down and, finally, after a few seconds your blood pressure is displayed with the systolic measurement on top and the diastolic on the bottom (the same as your doctor reads it). Below that is your pulse rate in beats per minute.

The monitor is digital and the display is large. You won’t have any trouble reading these numbers without your glasses, if you usually need them for small print. These are bold, large numbers that really stand out.

That’s it!! That is all there is to taking your blood pressure at home.

The cuff immediately deflates when the pressure is displayed and you are on your way!

The cuff comes with very clear pictorial and text instructions on how to properly wrap it around your arm and secure it and has an arrow showing you which end should be pointing downward when the cuff is on you. It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

But Is it Accurate?

Obviously all this ease of use means nothing if you get bogus readings. I was pretty confident when buying this unit after reading professional reviews from doctors and other medical experts but the real test was at my doctor’s office when we took my blood pressure with the unit, waited five minutes, then he took it manually. Even in five minutes, blood pressure can vary, but the unit passed with flying colors and was within a couple points of my doctor’s reading. My doctor agreed that I bought the right unit then sent me on my way to use it every morning and whenever I feel dizzy to corroborate his belief that my light-headedness was from my low blood pressure.

I have been using the ReliOn Blood Pressure Monitor for about three months. It is sturdy and has held up well to me using it so often and the results are very consistent. I feel very confident that this unit is as accurate as an at home unit can be and has all the ease and convenience I want.

Info You Should Know

No unit takes the place of regular visits to your doctor especially if you have high blood pressure and are on medication for it, but having this unit at home will give you piece of mind and the accurate information you need to tell if your pressure is under control.

You shouldn’t take your blood pressure more often than every five minutes. If you take it immediately after you just took it, you may get false results.

Obviously getting the unit wet is not a good idea.

Buying Info

ReliOn makes several types of Blood Pressure Monitors including the wrist type ones. Be sure, when looking for this model, to get the HEM-747CREL one as that is the one I have and the one that is most highly rated.

You can buy this unit at Wal-Mart for $45.96.

If you feel you must have the unit with the Omoron name, the HEM-711AC Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor w/Intellisense from Omoron is the exact same unit but is more costly. In this case, I see no reason to spend more for the same item.

Info from the Box:

Customer Service: 1-800-634-4350

Official ReliOn website:

Info from the Enclosed Brochure:

Omoron HeakthCare, Inc
300 Lakeview Parkway
Vernon Hills, Illinois 60061


For about $46.00, this unit is sturdy, reliable and comes with both a battery compartment and an AC adapter. It’s the easiest monitor to use that I have found and its reliability speaks for itself. Omoron is highly regaled in the health monitoring field and they have partnered with Wal-Mart to make ReliOn products, which are exactly the same as the Omoron products but for sale exclusively at Wal-Mart at a reasonable price.

If you need a good blood pressure monitor and don’t know which way to go with so many makes and models (and price ranges) out there, try this one. I think you will be as pleased as I am. I “rely on” this unit to give me fast accurate results and it does, every single day.

I can’t think of another thing I would want in a unit. The memory is nice to have, the ease of use is second to none, and the results are consistent. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a good blood pressure monitor when this one is reasonably (but not cheaply) priced and will give you years of service. The five-year warrantee is just icing on the cake, so to speak.

Five stars for this unit. You’ll love it!

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