Remington WPG-250 Cordless Rechargeable  Women's Electric Shaver Reviews
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Remington WPG-250 Cordless Rechargeable Women's Electric Shaver

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Remington Trimmer - Too much effort for too little results

Sep 29, 2011
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Pros:Use wet or dry

Cons:Did not trim well at all

The Bottom Line: This trimmer does not trim well. It takes too long and too much effort to remove hairs.

I purchased the Remington Smooth and Silky Trimmer last Christmas as a gift to myself. It was on sale at JcPenneys for $19.99. It sure was a good thing that that I received a few other presents; otherwise it would have been a disappointing gift season. The Smooth and Silky did not perform up to my expectations at all.

This Remingtom trimmer is a 7-in-1 ladies rechargeable groomer. It can be used wet or dry. It comes with five attachments: precision trimmer, detail trimmer, mini-shaver, short comb and long comb. The attachments come in a very nice maroon and white lined and zippered travel bag. Also in the bag is the groomer body and charging adaptor.

The charging adaptor plugs into a standard wall outlet. The first charge takes about 16 hours. Recharges take about 6 hours. A green indicator light turns on while charging. The groomer cannot be used while it is plugged in. The user's guide states to fully charge it every six months to maintain the batteries which are nickel metal hydride. It has a low humming buzz when trimming.

To put on an attachment you place it on the groomer body and turn it clockwise until the lock symbol on the attachment lines up with the one on the body. The precision trimmer can be used on the outside of the bikini line, arms and neckline. If you add one of the combs, it can be used inside the bikini line. For me, the trimmer did not work well at all without one of the combs attached. I saw very little before and after difference without a comb. It also took a long time to remove the hair.

The detail trimmer can be used for eyebrows, facial, nose and ear hairs. The mini-shaver can be used for small areas such as the underarms. Neither of these attachments worked well for me. They both took an extremely long time to remove hair which caused skin redness.

The groomer can be used wet with soap, gel or body wash. For me, this did not improve performance. The body should be free of lotions before using. The groomer should not be used for large areas such as shaving the legs. The user guide instructs to hold the trimmer so that it gently touches the skin and to avoid holding it at an angle.

The groomer is easy to clean. It can be rinsed in warm, but not hot water. Hot water can damage it. The attachments are rust-resistant and made of stainless steel. To clean the mini-shaver attachment, you remove it from the body, shake out any clippings and rinse.

It comes with a limited two-year material and workmanship warranty. The user guide contains an address for returning the shaver in case of defect. There are also 800 numbers for any questions. The sales receipt is proof of purchase for warranty purposes.

I liked the fact that this groomer could be used wet or dry; but it just didn't trim the hairs well. The only attachments that performed up to my expectations were the combs. I do not recommend this Remington trimmer.

Recommend this product? No

Amount Paid (US$): 19.99
Noise Level: Average

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