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Sterling Safetywear Rescue - Reusable Yellow Jacket Trap (YJJDT12)

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Rescue Yellow Jacket Trap - Put Up Early to Kill the Queens

Apr 1, 2012
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Pros:Kills yellow jackets, easy to use

Cons:Should provide hook to hang

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend this product as it has worked as it claims killing the yellow jackets.

It is almost that time of year once again where the yellow jackets start to come out of their winter hiding places.  If you can catch the queen before she nests by placing the trap out early before the weather warms up, you will have eliminated a lot of yellow jackets.  Our area in the Inland Pacific Northwest gets a lot of yellow jackets and nests.  We use to ignore them and wait until we saw their nest and then spray them until we found the Rescue Yellow Jacket Trap and tried it.

What It Is

The Rescue Yellow Jacket trap is a clear durable plastic container with bright yellow at the top and bottom with an interior yellow catch chamber that contains an “attractant” to lure multiple species of yellow jackets.  The yellow jacket enters the trap through the holes on the bottom section, and then flies up through the interior cone into the clear yellow catch chamber.  Once inside the trap, they cannot fly out due to a double chamber design, therefore they dye of dehydration.  Rescue claims that the trap “traps yellow jackets very effectively, by luring them with a yellow jacket sex pheromone”.    

This product does not contain any poisons and does not kill any honeybees and is used and recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture as well as major U.S. zoos, parks, campgrounds, resorts and school districts.

The included attractant comes in a flexible clear plastic package that the manufacturer claims to last for ten weeks. 

The trap needs to be set up approximately 20 feet away from known nests and outdoor activity areas such as your patio or deck area.  Instructions say the trap should be hung, if possible in a natural setting of bushes and trees and it is also effective to place the trap on the perimeter of a yard or area where the yellow jackets are entering. 

My Experience

I hate yellow jackets.  I hate getting stung by them because I love to garden and do not like to get pestered by them.  I dislike them hanging out by my hummingbird feeder and chasing the hummingbirds away.  There is a time during the year where the yellow jackets get aggressive and mean and will sting for the heck of it.  The other parts of the summer, you just learn to stay out of their territory even if that means that they are building their nest at your doorway which they seem to do overnight.

We put up our yellow jacket trap in our back yard away from the deck.  The first year we did this was too late in the season to catch the early queens but we sure caught a lot of workers.  Other neighbors of course having the same problem started to see our yellow trap hanging and would ask how it was working for us and then they bought some.  This really helps when more neighbors get involved and start trapping these disgusting stinging insects. 

The second year we hung it up much earlier putting it out after the last frost.  It made a huge difference in the amount of yellow jackets that we had.  We caught at least two queens. 

The hummingbirds have been able to stop by and drink their nectar without being constantly pestered by the yellow jackets and the traps are sure worth the $10-$11 not to have to be harass by them and then have to wait until evening and do the spraying method. 

Our traps get full fast so we make sure they are all dead and then open them up and dispose of the dead ones and add new attractant when needed.

This trap is for yellow jackets, not wasps.  There are different traps for wasps.  So if you have the hornets and paper wasps, you need to buy a wasp trap as they work differently. 

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