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Rexall Earache Relief Drops

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Rexall Earache Relief Drops: Fast Relief Until You Make It To Doctor

Apr 15, 2013
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Pros:Homeopathic, all natural ingredients.  Safe for children and adults.

Cons:Only if you can't find the product in stores.

The Bottom Line: Highly recommended product for easing the pain of earaches.

Have you ever woken up with an earache in the middle of the night that was so bad you didn't know if you could make it until morning to call the doctor's office to schedule an appointment?  Or better yet, call the doctor's office for an appointment to be told that the next available appointment is not until next week?  I found the answer for quick relief and it is just a trip away to the store.  Rexall Earache Relief Drops are your answer, and under $5.00 a bottle.

Rexall Earache Relief Drops

Rexall Earache Relief Drops come in a bright orange and blue box containing a small bottle of ear drops containing 0.4 fl. oz. of drops.

Rexall Earache Relief Drops are a homeopathic product, meaning it contains natural ingredients (listed below). It is a safe and effective method to treat the discomforts of an ear ache for both children and adults. 

Rexall claims these drops will give you temporary relief from earaches caused by drafts, colds, influenza and swimmer's ear.

These drops are easy to use, Just use the dropper to put 3-5 drops in ear or ears.  Stay turned to opposite side of ear that hurts to allow drops to seep down into your ear canal or use cotton to keep drops from running down neck.

My Two Cents

Rexall Earache Relief Drops have helped both me and my husband through this allergy season.  Both of our allergies have been so bad that we have been to the doctor several times each due to issues related to allergies and sinuses.  One of those problems was fluid standing in the ear canal causing pain and discomfort.  The doctor told us both to treat as swimmer's ear and continue taking allergy medications.

I found Rexall Earache Relief Drops at the local Dollar General Store for $4.99 a box after searching Wally World to find other products with nothing but inactive ingredients or being out of stock period at one location.  I was happy to see that this was a homeopathic product and after reading the ingredients and other information on the box, decided to give it a try.  I had nothing to lose, but getting rid of the pain was a definite plus.

I have been using this product for several months now and have to say it is well worth the price.  If used on a regular basis will get rid of the pain and also help clear up inflamation in the inner ear canal.  The sulpher content also helps with pain and also ringing in the ears.

My husband has also had good luck with this product as he gets severe dizziness when fluid remains in ear along with nausea and pain. 

I can say that Rexall Earache Relief Drops have been a huge help to both of us this allergy season and I will be keeping this product on hand for the grandchildren for summer swimming and for the next allergy season.


Chamomilla HPUS 10X
Mercurius Solubilis HPUS 15X
Sulphur HPUS 12X

Inactive:  Glycerin, USP

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