ReynoldsŪ Handi-Vac Vacuum Sealer - Vacuum Sealing System Starter Kit with Handy Vac Freezer Bags and Batteries Reviews
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ReynoldsŪ Handi-Vac Vacuum Sealer - Vacuum Sealing System Starter Kit with Handy Vac Freezer Bags and Batteries

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Great Way to Remove Freezer Burn

Dec 6, 2008
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Pros:Easy to use, fast storage of items


The Bottom Line: Visit BJ's for the cheapest price of the REYNOLD'S HANDI-VAC then get packing with fun.

You see the machine they are advertising that sucks the air out of bags & cost you $165.00.  Take up too much space & the price of the bags also.

We were at BJ's and in the plastic bag area for food storage in the freezer.  You have double thick freezer bags from ZipLoc & Glad and neither really work and are hard to get open & closed.  Then I saw this large box with a smaller box atop it with a handheld item and it read REYNOLD'S HANDI-VAC VACUUM SEALER.  It was 27 gallon size bags, 3 quart size bags the the air remover which is handheld.  Then price of the other bags was the same $1 a bag, and we get a few free with the air remover.  We saw the 3 quart bags with the air remover in what they advertised as the TEST PAK for $8 at the grocer.  So this was a deal & BJ's will take back an unsatisfactory product without a hassle.  So we bought it.

Bought steaks, chicken breasts & Italian sausage.  So home to try it out.  Opened the gallon size box which has them rolled inside & easily get one at a time out of the box.  Put 3 chicken breasts inside, spacing them so air is around them & they are flat on the surface of the counter.  Then take the handheld air remover & put it over the navy blue circle, push the button with your index finger & watch the show as the air is slowly removed & it is all puckered up.  HOW NEAT!
So that was 5 bags of chicken.  Then the steaks which were 2 to a pack and again how neat to watch it work.  Then the quart size 3 pack took care of the Italian sausage with 4 large links in each bag.

Very easy to write on the date of storage and they state the food is good for a year in the freezer.  Then I cut up a pineapple & put the pieces into the bag instead of the large plastic storage container.  It takes up very little space in the fridge or in the freezer.  When we wanted a bowl to enjoy, we just pull open the bag & take what we want out & reseal it & suck the air out.

This is one very unique item that I am very satisfied with and in the freezer it looks much healthier than the Zip Loc or Glad freezer bags I have used in the past.  So I am sold especially when BJ's has it so cheap!

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