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Cooking to Perfection with Reynolds Parchment Paper

Feb 23, 2006 (Updated Apr 12, 2006)
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Pros:easy to use, both sides have same non-stick surface, for oven or microwave

Cons:can't use in toaster oven or barbeque

The Bottom Line: Reynolds Parchment Paper has helped me become a better cook. Anything that can do that is worth buying again!

I stumbled onto the benefits of cooking using parchment paper by accident. Who knew such a simple thing as Reynolds Parchment Paper would make me a better cook!


Reynolds Parchment Paper is a white paper that is semi-transparent. It comes in a cardboard box with a metal tear-strip along the inside edge. The tear-strip teeth are small to offer an accurate, clean cut of the paper. The parchment paper is in a roll inside the box; however, the paper is not wrapped around a cardboard core.

The paper roll is 30 square feet, measuring 24 feet x 15 inches. This parchment paper also comes packaged in sheets: 8 folded sheets that each measure 12 inches x 16 inches (192 square inches).

My Experiences

My first experience with parchment paper was when I was cooking fresh salmon steaks stuffed with seafood dressing. I followed the instructions for cooking the salmon, but the bottoms of the salmon steaks always came out too crispy. It was even a chore to cut through the meat with a steak knife! There had to be a better way. Then I remembered a recipe I had read that suggested using parchment paper to prevent the bottoms of scones from becoming over cooked. Ah ha!

I purchased my first roll of Reynolds Parchment Paper. Not knowing what to expect, I tore off a section of the paper and placed it on a cookie sheet. Then I placed the salmon steaks on top of the parchment paper and cooked them as the instructions stated. What a difference the parchment paper made. The bottoms of the salmon steaks were still cooked, but they weren’t crusty. Now the family could eat the entire piece of salmon.

Since that experience, I have used parchment paper when baking salmon, scones, cookies, and even breaded chicken. The manufacturer also recommends using parchment paper when cooking: cakes, breads, pizza, candy, frozen desserts, meats, and cooking en papillote. (I had to look up the word papillote. It is a French term that means cooking food in a sealed parcel. So wrapping the food in parchment paper and cooking it in the oven is cooking en papillote.)

Another trick of parchment paper is that it presents an easy way to keep surfaces clean. For instance, if you are frosting a cake and want to keep the cake platter neat, cut a few strips of parchment paper to tuck under the edges of the cake. The parchment paper will act as a drop-sheet for any excess frosting. When finished icing the cake, remove the strips of parchment ... and ta da ... you have a clean platter for a beautiful presentation.

I enjoy eating ice cream ... so do the kids. However, sometimes the ice cream cones come with broken tips. So that the ice cream doesn’t leak through the holes in the cone, I fold a piece of parchment paper in a cone shape and wrap it around the ice cream cone. Just fold the bottom point of the parchment paper upward to “seal” this protective wrap.

Parchment paper can also be used to place food on in the microwave or to cover dishes in the microwave oven. With the adverse publicity that plastic wrap has been receiving, it’s a healthier idea to either use parchment paper to cover food in the microwave or to use a microwave-safe dish as a cover.

A great benefit to using parchment paper is that it promotes healthier cooking. With parchment paper, I don’t need to butter or grease pans. The paper creates a non-stick surface.

It also makes for easier cleaning. The paper protects the pan from food debris. That makes pan cleaning a cinch. After removing the food and parchment paper from the pan, I just rinse the pan using warm water and a bit of Dawn dishwashing liquid. Then I let the pan air dry.

How To Use Parchment Paper

It is simple to pull the paper from the roll. Pull out the paper to the desired length, then close the lid of the box so that the cardboard box flap is positioned behind the extended paper. This presses the paper against the metal tear-strip. Tear the paper down across the tear-strip. The fine teeth in the tear-strip create a micro-perf edge that rips straight and clean. I always make sure to cut the parchment paper close to the size of the pan I am using.

Both sides of the parchment paper have a non-stick surface. Use either side face up in the pan, and place the pan in a preheated oven. This paper is good up to a temperature of 420-degrees F. The manufacturer does not recommend this paper be used in either a toaster oven or with a broiler. Also, do not use parchment paper on a barbeque grill or anywhere near an open flame.


I buy my parchment paper at my local grocery store. It costs about $2.99 a roll.


Reynolds Parchment Paper has helped me become a better cook. It is easy to use and produces good results. I will continue to use parchment paper ... and enjoy the delicious food I scoop from it!

Enjoy your day,

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