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RightWay 400 Automotive Mountable GPS Receiver

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Good GPS

Mar 24, 2010
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- Reliable
- Tons of features
- Accurate roads
- Easy to use
- Organized

Cons:- Short battery life
- Messes in bad weather and areas with many streets

The Bottom Line: It is a great GPS with many features, but would be better with a better battery life. I would reccoment this to anyone who needs a GPS.

I have owned this GPS for a while now, and I must say I do like it. It is extremely easy to use; when I let my mom borrow it for a trip, she immediately figured out the general mechanics. And trust me, my mom isn't the most tech-savvy gal.

When opened, you get the GPS, a car battery charger, mounting system with an extra sticky pad, warranty, quick start guide, and a CD user manual. The mounting system is easy to work, and the sticky pad is pretty sticky unlike the nonsticky ones my relatives have. However, there are no USBs nor wall chargers, and you can only charge it on the car. The battery life of this thing is short (about two hours) so it is recommended you charge while using.

When on, there are many features that you can access. You can store a home address, making it possible for you to get home from anywhere in the United States. The default map is one of the US, but you can purchase other countriys' maps. There is a voice system that reminds you to turn or switch lanes. This voice system can also say street names but that is only for a limited amount of streets. There is a prediction box, where it predicts your time of arrival and distance left. You can change routing options between quickest, shortest, and scenic. You can customize it to your liking. There is a detour system where it navigates you around traffic. There are different languages in the GPS in case you're not fluent with english. You can store the type of car you own and it will affect the information given. There is an address book. There is an earphone jack for headphones. The screen is anti-glare.

These are just the basic features.

Now, There are also some pretty nifty features on this GPS. To get somewhere, you only type in the place you want to get to, and it will automatically calculate the route from where the GPS locates you right now. The calculation takes at most one minute, and that's if you're several states away from your destination. Also, if you go the wrong way, it will reroute you based on your current road, instead of telling you to U-turn non-stop. When you stop, places of interest show up. You can tap these places and it will show you what the place is. This is pretty cool especially since you can zoom out to view more PoIs. Furthermore, there is a multi-stop feature along with a gas calculator. This gives you the most efficient route to take when stopping multiple times, and it calculates the amount of gas you will spend with the current gas prices.

The actual navigator is pretty nice. There are numerous map styles for you to choose from, including 3D ones. It draws the roads out accurately, adding in the small curves. There is a small box to the side that tells you what the next step is to get to the destination of your choice. When watching the navigator, it actually feels like the triangle that indicates your car is moving on the drawn map. There are also many ways to determine your location, including pinpointing on a map, or typing in an address. The screen is bigger than most GPSs, so typing on the GPS is pretty easy. The screen isn't heat sensored, so using a screen-pen works also.

This GPS includes more than a navigator. There is also a movie player, music player, picture displayer, and text reader. The movie player is fantastic for long trips, and it plays videos in AVI, WMV, ASF, ASV, DAT, MPEG, MPG, and MOV format. The text reader allows you to store text files on the GPS and allows you to read it at any time. The picture displayer can display stored photos in JPEG and BMP format. When all three of these features are active, the navigator doesn't work with it, so only use these features if you don't need the navigator. The music player is different however. You can open the music player, choose a song, and go back to the navigator. The song will keep playing, and it will continue playing the next songs while the navigator guides you to your location. I find this very handy since it's like an iPod player that sticks to the windshield. The music player can play MP3 and WMA files. These applications can be stored onto a media card that can be inserted into the GPS.

I've been using this GPS for about three months now. It has helped me everytime I needed it, and is very reliable. However, sometimes in crowded places or bad weather it might slightly mess up on the directions temprorarily. Other times the voice just stops talking but will come back when you reboot it. I have dropped it once and it still works like new. I got it for sixty bucks, and overall I think it's worth it.

Some final info:
Dimensions: 126x84x20mm
Weight: 190g
Display Size: 4.3in
Display Resolution: 480x272pixel
Battery: 1300Li-Ion
RoHS: Yes
Processor: Centrality AT642 372MHz
Operating System: Win CE.NET 5.0
Memory: 64M RAM
Memory Slot: SD card slot
Map Data: ALK

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