Rislone 100qr Engine Treatment. 32oz

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Rislone Oil Treatment, your engine will thank you!

Nov 11, 2008
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Pros:It works! Saves money, inexpensive, prevents costly repairs, doesn't harm your engine.

Cons:What Cons, one bottle of this Rislone just saved me $1500 in repairs!

The Bottom Line: If used properly I find this product will make your engine run better, cleaner and last longer. One bottle miraculously cured my problem and hopefully prevent any reoccurring ones.

Rislone Engine Oil Treatment, part number:  100QR (32 FL. OZ.)

There's nothing in a can or bottle that's going to replace the worn metal, close the piston ring gap, rebuild or restore your engine. It's not going to happen, ever! When my trucks engine suddenly developed a definite valve lifter noise I was already envisioning a very time consuming not to mention costly repair.

Mechanically speaking:

Car or truck wise I consider myself above average and I knew from a very young age what made things tick. In high school Auto Shop was a breeze. By the age of 16 I had rebuilt my first engine then an automatic transmission. I've always repaired my own vehicles except for warranty work. If you've owned a vehicle long enough you're hopefuly paying attention and aware of every noise. Some rattles and squeaks are quite normal, some are not and need immediate attention or they will only get worse.

The noise:

I'm not a fan of so called "snake oil" but the Rislone oil treatment eliminated a suddenly appearing hydraulic lifter noise in my 2000 Chevy big block with only 54k miles. Yep, two mornings in a row it was quite evident with the 30 then 90 second "rap" I was planning on major repairs. I thought I'd try the Rislone and drove the day letting it do its duty hoping the next morning would be uneventful, it was.
It turns out to have been some gum or varnish buildup causing a valve or lifter to stick. I usually don't start using Rislone oil treatment until the engine has at least 60,000 miles on it but after this last episode I'm upping this to begin using it much sooner. After reading the details on the manufactures website it's recommended for newer engines to prevent deposits.

Why I use Rislone:

I always have a few bottles or half a case on the shelf. In my situation I wasn't planning using Rislone this soon. Over the years I used it in older engines and would always add a quart a few hundred miles before an oil change. A while back I decided to keep a truck I considered selling because it was going to need an engine. I decided to rebuild it myself. What I observed while tearing down the motor was how clean it was compared to other untreated engines that looked like the inside of a kitchen oven that had never been cleaned.

When I add a quart:

It's to replace a quart of engine oil but never dilute with more than 25% with Rislone. If you have an engine using more than a quart of oil between changes you need to be adding your recommended brand and not over do it with Rislone.   

In summary:

Rislone is not a magical cure but more of a preventative measure to keep your engine clean. It helps engine parts do what they're suppose to do and not let sludge, varnish and other harmful deposits interfere with their operations. Believe me, every nut, bolt, spring, bearing or moving metal part of an engine is absolutely crucial and these parts "do not" need any crud in, on or around them. This stuff works and it managed to correct my problem quickly.

If you have concerns that I haven't covered here such as: "Will this product work in my diesel engine or will it void my manufactures warranty" you can visit the website. It appears this product is compatible with practically all engines, even those using synthetic oils. I consider Rislone as an engine oil supplement. Although the Chevron 10w-40w oil I use is considered a "premium" grade, it's going to get a little help (now and then) from Rislone.


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