Rite Aid Early Result Pregnancy Test 2 ea (Rite Aid)

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Rite Aid Early Results pregnancy test

Nov 29, 2009
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Pros:Worked fast and was accurate and easy to use too


The Bottom Line: Rite Aid Early Results pregnancy tests come in a pack of two, they work fast and are very accurate. The price can't be beat either.

My sister in law and I went to Rite Aid drug store here in Rhode Island to buy her a pregnancy test. She was not yet late in getting her period. She was due for it in a few days. But rather then wait she wanted to check because she had been feeling tired, worn out and sick to her stomach for a week and she knew that there was one slip where there was a possibility that she could be pregnant. I can see why she wanted to test early. I would have too. In fact i encouraged her to check right away to ease her mind, and mine too after she told me that I may be an aunt again!

The test was bought at Rite Aid drug store obviously. It was only $7.12 with tax included. The price was good. She chose this one because it had two tests and she could always retake the other later on if she needed to, and also because the others were twice to three times the price for the name brands and she did not have the money. It was a Wednesday so I was broke by then too. This was a good way to go as far as she was concerned.

Details and facts:

The Rite Aid Early Results pregnancy test comes in a pink colored box, the regular test comes in blue. If you want the early test it needs to be the pink box that you grab off of the shelf. It can be found near the tampons, maxi-pads and other feminine products. Each box contains two tests that are individually wrapped. You also get detailed instructions on how to use the test along with this kit. The instructions are written kind of in small but bold print. My sister in law could not read them, but with my glasses on I could. they were easy to follow and understand. They had English and Spanish instructions in the box.

The test is plastic and has a soft tip at the end. This is what you will pee on. Yep it's gross but this is how it works. See my "To use the test" section for further instructions.

The Rite Aid Early Results pregnancy test can be used as soon as 4 days before you are to expect to be getting your period. That means that you can take the test up to 5 days sooner than waiting until you miss your period to take a test. The amount of pregnancy hormone increases significantly in a positive early pregnancy. They claim that through clinical testing with early pregnancy samples, the Rite Aid Early Results pregnancy test showed 53 percent pregnancy hormone four days before a missed period, 74 percent of it 3 days before, 84 percent 2 days before and finally 87 percent the day before your expected period. So the odds of the test detecting the hormone is pretty good no matter which day you take it. Higher the closer to your period.

The warnings state that these tests are not for internal use, you should store the tests at 36°-86° F (2°-30°C), do not freeze the test and Keep the tests out of the reach of children.

To use the test:

Taking the Rite Aid Early Results pregnancy test is very easy to do. I stayed in the room and read my sister in law the directions while she did it. I know that sounds gross to some people, but hey females travel in packs to bathrooms! I opened the protecting packing and handed her the test. She sat on the toilet and held the test by the plastic side while the soft tip side was in her urine stream. She had to hold it there for about 2 seconds time. Then she placed the test flat on the bathroom counter. We waited for 2 minutes time. She was too scared to look so I went over to it first. She knew by the fact that I gasped that her result was positive! Two blue lines one in each window.

Further experience, thoughts and recommendation:

While the result was a positive. I had explained to Nicole that her result could have just been a false positive, it could be the time of day and many other factors that would throw the test off. I told her to keep the result between us. We were going to repeat the process first thing the next morning. The instructions say that the test is best taken in the early morning after a glass of water is consumed. Early morning or first urine as they call it, is the best to use.

The next morning we took the new test. The same rules applied. She pees on the tip and put it flat on the counter. This time she stood over it. We didn't watch how it happened the first time, so when the second box filled with a deep blue line and the other had nothing a minute in to waiting she and I both thought it would be negative, however , bout 30 seconds later the other blue line slowly appeared and by the time it hit two minutes we were staring at two dark blue lines again! We were both exited. I am to be an aunt again very soon.

The tests are easy to take. They do give detailed instructions and after confirming the pregnancy with her doctor my sister in law was happy that she had taken the Rite Aid Early Results pregnancy tests, and that I was there to share in the experience with her. I was too I must admit. It is not too often I offer to stay in the room while some one has to pee. But for this occasion I was more then happy to. I myself would choose this test should I ever have more kids. This was a fast working test. The lines were deep in color and the tests was easy to read.

The first test Nicole took was taken late afternoon after just having an iced coffee with me at Dunkin Donuts. The second was first thing in the morning with fresh urine. This meaning both tests worked fine under very different circumstances. We were pleased. It was great that the test cost less then the others and offered two tests instead of one. This is great for people like my sister in law who wanted to be sure, and even people who make errors while doing it the first time. Either was this was  a bargain for the price and was fast and accurate. I would recommend the Rite Aid Early Results pregnancy test.

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