Roast and keep foods warm using Rival's 18 qt. Roaster Oven with Buffet Server.

Mar 31, 2008 (Updated Mar 31, 2008)
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Pros:Everything comes in one package. Stainless Steel. Easy to keep meals warm.


The Bottom Line: This roaster oven is the perfect product for helping to make and keep large meals warm. I highly recommend this roaster for the holiday family cooks out there.

Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals are made at our house. We normally have at least 6 people and our menu is usually the same every year. Easter is a brunch with Eggs, French toast, Hash Browns, Bacon, Sausage, and Pancakes. Thanksgiving is Turkey, Ham loaf, Filling, Mashed Potatoes, Hash Brown Bake, Sweet Potatoes, and a vegetable. Christmas is an Italian Feast with Lasagna, Ravioli, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles, and Italian Meatballs. With these types of menus it is a very hard to cook all of these foods and still keep them warm. Several years ago we came across a nice way of keeping things warm with drying them out. We use a 18 qt. Roaster with a buffet serving set. Our first 18 qt. roaster was the GE 18 qt. Roaster, but the color is white and the buffet serving kit did not come with this Roaster. After looking for quite some time we found a product that fit the bill with our Stainless Steel color scheme and the buffet set was included. The Rival 18qt Roaster Oven with Buffet Server has become our roaster of choice for keeping our meals warm before, during and even sometimes after serving.

Roaster Facts
This roaster has an 18 qt. capacity which is large enough to do an 18 to 20 lb roast. The overall size of the roaster is about 24 1/2" long from handle to handle, 14 1/2" wide and about 7 1/2" high and the outside is made of stainless steel with a black metal lid. The removable inside pan is 17 1/2" long by 11 1/2" wide by 5 1/2" high and this pan and the included buffet set are made of steel with an enamel coating. There is an included roasting rack for easy removal of roasts which allows you to pull the roast out for cutting or using the broth. The buffet set consists of a pan holding insert that holds 3 pans for keeping food warm. These pans are about 10 ˝” long, 5” wide and 2 ˝” deep and each has two retractable handles on each side to help with removal of hot items. The temperature settings range from 0 to 450 degrees. On each side of the roaster is a lid rest located above the handles so the lid can be keep close at hand and there is no worry about making a mess.

Roasting and Warming
Roasting anything in this roaster is a pretty straightforward thing. You put the roast or item in the roaster and set the temperature to the desired setting. With roasts most times you will need to add water to keep them moist just like you would in a roaster inside your oven. Do not assume that roaster oven need more heat then a conventional oven. This is simply not true, and as a matter of fact most times from my experience roaster ovens do a better and fast job of roasting foods. As far as the buffet set goes, this is a very easy concept. Add water to the larger inside pan and place the insert and pans into the roaster. Temperature setting may vary depending on the foods that you are cooking, but most times between 250 to 350 degrees is a nice setting for heating the water to keep our meal warm and moist.

Why buy this Roaster?
Our main reason for buying this roaster was it had everything that we wanted with one purchase. The stainless steel finish fits with our kitchen décor, and the included buffet set is a must for us. We most times find ourselves using both the GE and this Rival roaster for our larger meals. Sometimes we need more oven space and one or both will double as an addition to our oven. Either way we almost always use this roaster as a device to keep our meals warm. We also use this roaster oven as a substitute for our oven when the weather turns warm. Who needs an oven making a hot house even hotter? We also carefully use our roaster oven outside on our deck. This can help keep odors and heat from invading your house. Of course never use these roasters if there is a threat of rain or around any water source outside.

All in all: This roaster is just what we were looking for to complement our GE roaster and our conventional oven. It is durable and very stylish. Clean up is quite easy with the enamel coated pans and warming up meals or keeping them warm never tasted better. If you are looking for a great product to help making large meals easier, look no further. This multi-function roaster will help prepare the meal and then help keep it warm before and during serving.

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