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Rival SCR151WG 1.5-Quart Slow Cooker

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Keeping Teenagers Happy Is Impossible But This Makes It Easier!

Sep 22, 2008
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Pros:Is a great kitchen gadget that keeps sauces and dips warm.

Cons:This has a short cord and flimsy outer casing.

The Bottom Line: This is a great crock to have on hand if you do a lot of entertaining.

We have people coming and going almost every day of the week. The boys often have friends come over and anyone who has or has had teenagers living in the house knows that food is a must and it is much cheaper to put food out on the table then have a bunch of teenagers ransacking the fridge. We purchase 6 pound cans of cheese sauce and 6 pound bags of tortilla chips from a local bulk warehouse store every time we go shopping. It only costs us about $10.00 and that is a good price for providing teenagers with a snack they enjoy for several occasions.

We take the cheese sauce and put it into our Rival Dip Master Crock Pot. A friend of my wife's bought it for her as a gift and in my opinion it is the best kitchen gadgets for entertaining that we have. We can fill this 1.5 quart crock pot with about a pound and a half of cheese sauce. We sit it on the counter and roughly an hour later the crock has heated the sauce up and then keeps it warm the whole evening as the kids come and go. You must remember to keep stirring the sauce or dips so that the outer edges of the dip don't get hard and stick to the sides of the crock.

The outer part of the Rival Dip Master Crock Pot stands 7 3/4 inches tall and has a circumference of 23 inches. There are handles on either side of the crock and they are made out of hard plastic. There is a metal sheet that wraps around the outer part of the crock and creates a seam along the back of the crock. This metal sheet is kind of flimsy and will push inward if too much pressure is applied during the cleaning process. Along the back seam is the contact information for the company and a warning about not placing the stone insert on top of the stove burners. On the front of the Rival Dip Master Crock Pot is the Rival logo. The electrical cord is only 28 inches long and this is one of the features on this crock pot that I strongly dislike.

The stone insert that comes with the Rival Dip Master Crock Pot is five and a half inches tall and has a circumference if twenty inches around the top of it and tapers down to a circumference of seventeen inches along the bottom. There is a half inch lip around the top of the stone and on either side there are handles that come out almost a half an inch. The inside top has a quarter inch lip that the lid can rest on. The lid has a gripper on the top of it that stands a little more than a half inch off the top and this makes it easier to remove the lid. The stone is treated with a glaze that makes the crock very easy to clean after each use. You can also put the stone insert and the lid into the dishwasher if you choose too but we just wash it by hand.

Aside from the short electrical cord and the metal sheet around the outer edge, this Rival Dip Master Crock Pot is a pretty good product. We use it at least once a week to heat up and keep various dips and sauces warm. One of my favorite dips to keep in it is a spinach artichoke and my favorite sauce is white chocolate with raspberry. I would suggest you invest in one of these little crocks if you do a lot of entertaining or just enjoy a Sunday afternoon snack with the family.

Thanks for reading and rating.

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