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Roadmaster RTS3000T Car Speaker

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One word : cheap

Dec 10, 2011
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Pros:These units have the look of real speakers, and are phenominally cheap.

Cons:Poor sound reproduction even at low power levels

This review is based on my admittedly abbreviated experience with the Roadmaster RTS3000T speaker system (this copy being obtained from Walmart).  These speakers don't cost much... and that's good because they aren't worth all that much, but at least you can be comforted by the fact that even if you can't find the receipt, at least you didn't throw away that much money. 

They do kind of look cool, so they would perhaps be the perfect product for cheap wannabe's and posers.
For the rest of us left trying to actually get music of decent quality & at reasonable power levels through these would be frustrating if you actually entered into the exercise with much in the way of expectations; but if you can keep your expectations suitably low and you will not be disappointed in these cheap speaker units available from many different retailers - usually from $14.95 to $19.95 or so.

On a relevant personal note:
In one recurring teenage nightmare: For my 16th Christmas I had begged my parents for a set of JBL dual 12's in a ported box with a Kenwood 750watt amp for the FamilyTruckster wagon I had inherited on my 16th birthday, only to come downstairs Christmas morning to find these Roadmaster speaker under the tree (because to my Mom, they looked about the same, buit were so much cheaper - so she went for the "bargain").  I guess I could sum these speakers up that way: they are the speakers you end up with when you let your technotard Mom shop for your car audio, hopefully not the kind of speakers you get if you have a choice in the matter. 
Now - of course this was just my opinion based on what was thankfully a single experience with the Roadmaster RTS3000T speaker system - and OF course it goes without saying that YMMV and that somebody on the planet may think that these are the 5 star speakers of his dreams (and he will be sure to comment to that effect with disparaging things to say about this review and this reviewer) - but that is not me.
I give these speakers a good solid one star based on the fact that the enclosure was reasonably solid and that unlike some much more expensive products that are not all that much better at least these have the not inconsiderable, if still a bit dubious quality of at least not being a waste of very much money.

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