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Rocketfish RF-WHTIB Speaker System

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Rocketfish wireless audio transmitter and receiver

Mar 10, 2012 (Updated Mar 14, 2012)
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Pros:easy to set up, wireless,

Cons:cuts out at times.

The Bottom Line: While a nicely designed system, it cuts out the signal way too much for me.

This is a wireless speaker system component that can transmit two audio signals to two speakers. This particular unit is used for a 5.1 surround sound system, but it can be used for just a stereo or mono set up. So instead of having cables coming from the television entertainment center to the area next to where you sit, you just send a radio signal to a receiver behind your chairs/couch and that connects to the speakers.

If you want to have a pair of speakers outside without having to string wires, then this wireless audio transmitter may meet your needs.

One reason this idea is so attractive is so that cables don't have to be running across a busy floor. You can also use it to transmit an audio signal. Inside or outside.

Keep in mind that this wireless system does not have any speakers that come with it.

It comes with a transmitter unit, a receiver unit, holder for the receiver, AC power adapter for the transmitting unit, two 2-feet speaker wires, and the user guide. The 2 foot cables are insufficient for a properly mounted surround sound system so expect to buy some longer two stranded copper wire cables if you plan on using it for a 5.1 or 7.1 system.

The speakers do not need a power source or amplifier, but the transmitter and receiver do.

It transmits the signal in the 2.4GHz range (like some landline phones). The documentation states it is good up to 100 feet. The antenna’s are internal and there is no way to install an external antenna.

To hook it up you take the transmitter dc power adapter. You have 4 clamps on the transmitter and receiver unit to hook up the bare positive and negative ends that connect to your surround sound system box(the audio wires). The receiver is also powered by an external DC power adapter.

The transmitter has (on the back) a power button, DC power cable, and 4 bare audio cable inputs (2 red and 2 black). Underneath is a "connect" button.

The receiver has a volume control wheel, a power button, and a channel button.

It can be mounted on 2 screws, which you slide the unit on. The screws function as hooks, they do not screw into the device (like many sprinkler system controllers I have owned). It also has a U shaped detachable base that works well. Most people will just use the plastic base since most people don’t like to put holes in walls.

The transmitter and receiver are paired at the factory. But if they don’t work or fail on you, then you can program it yourself easily enough. Hold down the connect button on the transmitter for at least 2 seconds. Then press and hold the receiver for 2 seconds. Connection mode at this point is automatic.

My experience
The unit was easy to set up and tear down.  It creates a cleaner looking room. The sound quality was good as was the sound level. No problems there.

While watching a movie in 5.1, I could hear the unique sounds for that particular speaker. No problems here either. It sent a different signal to each speaker.

The problem was with the transmitter. The unit is 10 feet away with no obstructions. It periodically cut out the audio from time to time. 1-10 times a minute. It lasted for half a second or so. Very annoying and a deal breaker for me. It broke my heart. Everything is designed well except for the lack of a 100% continuous signal.

I tried moving around both units and checked the connections. I listened to the wired speakers for a couple of minutes to see if the problem was with the receiver, but that sound out of the front speakers never cut out once.  It was definitely the Rocketfish wireless audio transmitter that was causing the problem.

Another issue some people may encounter is there is a 15-20 ms delay. Many AV systems have adjustments for this. Without the adjustment is sounds a little like a stadium’s echo.

One good thing is I did not hear any sound other than the sound from the 5.1 sound system. No outside interference was noticed.

Some boring data.
The transmitter dimensions are 3 7/16 deep x 4 1/8 wide x 15/16 high
The transmitter has 4 felt feet that protect the surface it rests on as well as add a little friction.

The receiver dimensions are 1 9/16 height 6 1/4 deep and 8 3/4 height
The receiver also has felt like feet that add friction and protect the surface.

The transmitter is .6 amps
The receiver is 8 amps

I just cannot recommend this unit. While set up is easy, has a small profile, and designed well; it just does not transmit a continuous signal 100% of the time. Even thought it claims 100 feet, my tests were done at 10 feet and were not to my satisfaction. So if you demand a flawless signal then this is not an option for you. If you don't mind the periodic cut out and hate wires with a passion, then I can recommend this product. It works, just not perfectly.
Also if you are an audiophile, avoid this. It does not transmit enough data for you to be happy. If you are using LP’s and a special needle, then you are an audiophile. If you are happy with MP3's then the sound transmitted will be just fine.

©Alan Lake's Kitchen 2012

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