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Party Like A Rock Star With "Rockstar" Energy Drink!

Jul 3, 2006
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The Bottom Line: Need something to kick you in to overdrive? Rockstar Energy Drink might not have the best taste but it gets the job done.

I passed by the cans of "Rockstar" for months and refused to give in to the temptation to try it out. I mean, it's bad enough that it has the slogan "party like a rock star" on the can but the thought of having to commit to a sixteen ounce energy drink is what really turned me off. I finally caved in one afternoon when I was done at the gym and desperately needed something to drink. Since it was an extremely hot day, the water and usual post work out drinks were gone and the water fountain was, for lack of better words, disgustingly filthy and caked with what looked like pond scum [this is so that people will buy the bottled water]. The only drinks that were left were "Rockstar" and SoBe's "No Fear". It was a tough choice to make but I went with "Rockstar" because I'd already tried "No Fear" and it left a somewhat nasty aftertaste in my mouth. I knew that if I was going to drink this it needed to be right after I pulled it out of the cooler, nine out of ten times these energy drinks need to be consumed when they are ice cold to go down the easiest.

Rockstar Energy Drink Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Since this was a post workout purchase I knew that I would have to drink the entire can to hold me over until I could get some cold water into my system. To put it bluntly, I sweat like a pig and when it is hot and humid out - even my socks are drenched. I handed the clerk my two dollars [the going price for this drink at convenience stores and gyms] and cracked open the can then I made the mistake of sniffing it. See, if you don't smell it but drink five or six really big gulps it's not that bad but when you sniff it you pick up on a rather tart scent. This just sets it up in your mind that it is going to suck. Once you get past the initial kick of it [the tartness] it isn't all that bad. I didn't get the jitters from this but I was wired for about four hours after drinking it; I think this was due to the fact that I got the double sized can [sixteen ounces] and got twice the amount of caffeine, guarana and milk thistle. I finished off the can in about a minute and a half and a few of the guys that were standing by the counter watched me down it in amazement. They turn everything into some weird sexual fantasy ... like I was going to drink it and all of a sudden start dancing around the gym, ripping my clothes off like the girls in the commercial.. This stuff is good but it ain't that good.

This is a lightly carbonated drink so make sure you don't shake it before you open it. If possible, try to stick it in the freezer for two to three minutes before you drink it so that it goes down easier. You can use this during or after a workout but if you are getting the sixteen ounce cans instead of the eight ounce ones, you might get some bloating if you try to drink the whole thing. Another thing you will want to do is read the ingredients on the side of the can and keep in mind that what you are reading [percentages] is for one serving - eight ounces. If you are going to drink the entire can then you have to double it. If you are using any other energy enhances that contain guarana [Yellow Swarm] or caffeine [Stacker 2 Ephedra Free] then you might want to think twice about drinking this unless you know for a fact that your body can handle it. You might think that it's no big deal but when you start to come down off of it you could crash hard and find yourself asleep for ten hours only to wake feeling completely wiped out. If you are a lightweight when it comes to energy supplements, stick with the eight ounce can.

Taste & Flavor

If you've ever had the candy Sweet Tarts, the ones that come about fifteen pieces to a roll, then you'll know what this tastes like. You have to drink this cold because if it gets warm the taste is, well, less than appealing. The biggest problem with this is the sixteen ounce can - the suggested serving for this is eight ounces so if you down the "double strength, double size" can you are getting twice the amount of caffeine and energy. This means that you are going to be wired for a little longer and when you crash it'll be a hard one to recover from. There is a little bit of an after taste to it but nothing that makes you want to puke. The tart taste might be too much for some people to handle but if you have had any other energy drinks [Red Bull, Piranha, No Fear] and managed to consume them then chances are you'll be able to tolerate this with no real problem.

What's In It?

The one thing that will keep me from buying or drinking this on a regular basis is the fact that it has 29 grams of carbohydrates per serving - 27 of which come from sugar. That is more carbs than I usually consume in a day so these drinks aren't something that I'll be buying in bulk any time soon. Now, if they made a light version then I'd be all over it [News Flash: There is now a light version of this product]. As far as nutrients, here's the breakdown and remember this is per serving [eight ounces]: taurine 946 mg, guarana 200 mg, inositol 25 mg, carnitine 25 mg, eleutherococcus senticosus 25 mg, milk thistle 20 mg and ginkgo 15 mg. If you are looking for the percentage of the RDA [recommended daily allowance] of vitamins and minerals based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet - here it goes: vitamin B 12 200%, vitamin B3 50%, vitamin B5 50%, vitamin B6 50%, vitamin B12 50%, vitamin C 100%. Other assorted ingredients include: l-carnitine, caffeine and carbonated water.


Most of the places that are selling this [Circle K, Dairy Mart, 7-11, various gyms] are charging about two dollars for the sixteen ounce can and about $1.50 for the eight ounce one. While it makes sense to spend the extra fifty cents to get eight more ounces, are you really going to be able to finish the whole thing? That's what you have to ask yourself when you are buying this kind of a drink. If you belong to a place like Costco or a warehouse club you can buy this by the case or half case to save some cash with the price dropping to about $1.40 a can for the sixteen ounce ones and about $1.20 for the eight ounce ones. Is it worth the price? It all depends on how much of an energy rush you want or need and when you are drinking it. This isn't something that you should be drinking non stop or something that should replace water - at two bucks a pop you are looking at a hell of a lot of money on energy drinks if you down several of these a day and eventually you will build up a tolerance to the ingredients and you'll end up wasting money and getting bloated without getting off on it [getting any extra energy].

The Bottom Line

This tasted better than I expected it to and I did manage to down the entire thing. I got a nice rush from it but nothing that sent me racing home to clean or with an intense desire to mow the lawn. This is a nice thing to have if you need a little extra energy at the gym but stick with the eight ounce cans if you are going to drink these during a workout or you might find yourself bloated. This shouldn't be consumed by women who are pregnant or those who are breast feeding and while there is no age restriction on purchasing this, it is something that kids definately shouldn't be allowed to drink. If they made this in a low carb version I would pick this up after a workout if I needed some extra energy to go grocery shopping or run errands before I headed home. When I downed the sixteen ounce can I was wired for a while so this isn't something that you will want to drink after a workout in the evening unless you want to stay up for a while or are planning on going out and ... partying like a rock star.

Rockstar, Inc.
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
[702] 939-5535

As always, thanks for the read!

~^V^~ Freak ~^V^~

© 2006 Freak369

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