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Jan 27, 2011
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Pros:Cheap, ships quickly

Cons:doesn't work

The Bottom Line: Buy an Excaliber

After a long and brutal life my trusty Excalabur died as it had lived, working hard. Having mounds of projects I went to amazon to get a replacement model. There I saw the Ronco Dehydrator for $30. Without thinking about the quiality or reading reviews I bought it. At 11 am yesterday I started drying five well spread, evenly sliced home canned peaches. The plan was to partially dry then dip 3 or 4 times in liquor, replacing the water with alcohol. In the past the first partial dry would take about 5 hours. Around 2 I checked the fruit to see if tray rotation was needed and found even the bottom most tray still VERY wet and the top was the same as when i put it in. I got my googlemancy on and found this site as well as others and read the reviews. While it seemed there were many problems and a few happy customers, none mentioned the food dehydrator not actually drying. I checked the heating element and figured the original processing may have had some negative effects on the process and continued the machine working figuring it may take longer than my estimate. I gave up at 8 this morning, after a long night of rotating the trays every few hours. Almost a day later and it just now reached the partial dry stage on most pieces and the others were stuck to the tray. All pieces were discolored probably because they were out so long. They didn't taste bad but the uniformity just wasn't there, not just between the racks or even individual racks but even in a single piece of fruit. It's washed and boxed up, going back from whence it came as soon as the mailman comes and my elcalibar is on the way. Add up the work, the fruit that was thrown out and the electricity used to heat the element (there is no fan) and what you have is a big waste of money. Anyone new to drying would most likey give up if this were their first experience. Some things are just worth paying a little more for.

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