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RootOne - Start Your Cuttings Off to A Great Start!

Aug 1, 2004 (Updated Aug 1, 2004)
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Pros:Small container, Easy to Use, Simple and Straightfoward

Cons:Should be sold in larger quantities

The Bottom Line: To start of cuttings, this product is an excellent way to prevent fungus from killing your plant.

As a weekend gardener, I have experimented with many ways to grow plants from seedlings to slips. Since my primary interest is exotic tropical plants, purchasing grown plants can be quite expensive so I decided to start plants from leaves or slips (also called cuttings).

Many plants do not like wet feet. Wet feet is caused by over watering your plants. This promotes root rot or fungus and thus is the number cause of the plants failure to root and grow. The root system requires oxygen to provide nutrients for the plant.


The idea behind Rootone is to prevent root rot and at the same time provide stimulation for new root growth so that the cutting will have time to grow new roots and establish itself within the planting medium.

Active Ingredients:

1-Naphtlthaleneacetamide 0.20%
Thiram (tetramethylithiuramdisulfide 4.04%
Inert Ingredients 95.76%

Use slips or cuttings from 2 to 6 inches in length. Dip end of cuttings into powder before inserting into planting medium. Most cuttings will take root within 3-5 weeks.

Tap off the extra powder and close the container.


This product may cause eye and skin irritations so it is suggested you wear eye and skin protection when using this product.

This product has the consistency of baking powder so be careful when you use it. Do not use during windy times to avoid breathing it in.


If you have read some of my garden reviews, you will note I love plumeria, hibiscus and other tropical plants native to Hawaii. Through trial and error, I have learned quite a lot about the plumeria plant such as how to grow it, transplant it, starting it from seeds as well as a cutting.

Many years ago I used to over water my plumeria plants and then discovered fungus damage that eventually killed the plant. Almost every cutting I brought back from Hawaii died. Many of my cuttings were taken free of charge as my relatives all grow these plants with ease. I was sick and tired of transporting the plumeria back from Hawaii only to kill it. Although plumeria is a tropical plant it does not like its roots to be overly saturated with water.

While reading an article from a well known plumeria grower, I discovered Rootone™. For $7.99 bottle, I decided to give this product a try. Whenever I prune my plumeria plant, I generally cut off 16-18 inch cuttings then apply the rooting compound to the freshly cut wound so that fungus or other diseases do not have a chance to set in. I let the cutting dry for about a week before planting it in a one gallon container.

A month after transplanting you should see new leaves start to emerge. Water only once a week or when the soil is dry. If in doubt, wait a few more days to water.

Fungus and other pests love moist and wet environments. When introduced to freshly cut cuttings, fungus spreads rapidly and kills the cuttings.


Whenever you take slips or cuttings from other plants to transplant, dip the cut end into Rootone and plant directly into your potting soil. Mist the soil with a water sprayer so that you do not disturb the planting mix. In a few days you will note new growth on the cutting.

I have used Rootone on Jasmine, hibiscus, piggyback and African violets with great success. Remember to choose an established (not green) cutting. The wood should be brown and mature. If you choose a green cutting, more than likely this cutting will not take root. For piggyback and African violets just make sure you have a healthy and thriving leaf to start your new plant.


Prior to using Rootone, I planted many of my cuttings and crossed my fingers the cutting would take. With root one, one of my major problems was solved as my cuttings started growing almost immediately after planting.

This product commands a place on my garden shelf right next to the fertilizers I use on a regular basis.


TechPac LLC
P.O. Box 24830
Lexington, KY 40504

In case of emergency call 800-424-9300

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