Not As Good As Crayola But What Do You Expect for Twenty Cents?

Jan 26, 2007 (Updated Apr 25, 2008)
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Pros:Presharpened, nice color selection, non-toxic, inexpensive.

Cons:Not as great as Crayola but not as expensive either.

The Bottom Line: Their low cost caught my eye but it's her love of coloring that makes me stock up on these when ever they're on sale.

RoseArt products are often looked at as generic items; they will never be as popular as Crayola but they cost a lot less and for younger kids that aren't all that picky, they are a nice alternative. When Wal-Mart was having their annual back to school sale they had these on sale for an amazing twenty cents each. Even though there was a limit of five per person they were going fast so I grabbed five and tossed them in my cart. Annabelle is the only one that still gets into the whole arts and crafts thing and she isn't all that picky about what she uses. We tried the smaller half sized colored pencils from Crayola and she didn't like them at all, it wasn't that she couldn't get a good grip on them, she just liked the longer ones. You'll never hear me say that these are better than Crayola but they do cost less. If you are stocking up on items for kids for school, be sure to check their list to see if they can have RoseArt products. Some schools specifically state which brand they want kids to bring to school and others point out, in a rather rude manner, "No RoseArt markers or crayons". Sort of makes you think if they are getting a kickback from Crayola.

RoseArt 12 Count Presharpened Colored Pencils

RoseArt tries to give these a mighty push with the marketing tags like 'real wood' and 'art quality' but to me what means the most is that they are non-toxic and carry the ACMI [Arts & Creative Materials Institute] approved seal. You never know what kids are going to do with things like colored pencils so having this non-toxic rating makes me feel a little better when she is using them. No, she doesn't go around stabbing people with them or chewing on them but kids will be kids, if you have kids you know exactly what I am talking about. These sharpen evenly when the point wears down and as you may have gathered from the title, they come already sharpened. This wasn't a big deal for me, nor was it a selling point but Annabelle really liked that she didn't have to sit there and sharpen the pencils before she used them.

These are round pencils, some of the ones made for kids have a hex design to them so they are easier to grip but so far she hasn't had any problems with these. The only two downsides that I can think of in regards to them are as follows; the cardboard case that they come in doesn't last all that long and you have to use a quality Eraser to remove the colors from most paper. Use can use these on pretty much any type of paper but the points seem to tear through thinner sheets in coloring books. Once sharpened the points last a long time and rarely break, even with her rather heavy hand, I never hear her complaining about having to sharpen them over and over. One thing that I do suggest is getting some art erasers in case your Picasso wants to change anything. Regular rubber erasers sometimes smear the colors and make a huge mess.

As I said, I got these for twenty cents a pack when Wal-Mart was having their back to school sale; the normal selling price ranges from .99 cents to $1.50 depending on where you are shopping. Even when they aren't on sale they are still cheaper than the Crayola full size [eight inches] colored pencils. Older kids might not be all that keen on taking these to school though. RoseArt products are often deemed as 'the cheap brand' by parents and kids. To me they are a great set for younger kids who might otherwise destroy the Crayola ones. They are well made and don't snap all that easily; the only time we ever had one break was when she wedged it in a drawer to try and open it. Something got stuck inside the drawer and she couldn't open it so she tried [and failed] to use one of these to pry it open.

Color Assortment

This is what I consider an entry level selection of colors; enough to make cute pictures suitable for the refrigerator but not enough to get a lot of detail. Here's the list of what you get with this twelve pack; red, yellow, orange, green, dark green, black, brown, purple, sky blue, pink, dark blue [navy] and blue berry. Do you really need three different shades of blue? Well, RoseArt thinks that you do. One thing that I really like is that the color names are on the pencils. Why is that a nifty idea? Well, you can work on spelling the names of the colors while your child is playing with the pencils. Sure that might not seem like the most fun thing to do in the world but if you make it into a game then it stays fun and when you combine learning and fun there is a higher retention rate for what you are covering. RoseArt does make a 24 pack of colored pencils so if you give this one a try and find that there aren't enough colors for you but you like the way that they perform, you can always upgrade to the larger package.

The Bottom Line

Seeing as these cost less than Crayola colored pencils and Annabelle doesn't have a problem using them, I'll keep buying them when they are on sale. She made off with a few of my expensive Prismacolor colored pencils when I wasn't paying attention so I have to try to get some of the larger assortments of the RoseArt colored pencils so mine will be safe. I like the fact that they are non-toxic and safe for her to use and that there are other color assortments to choose from if she ever gets bored with the twelve that are in this pack. RoseArt will probably never be able to oust Crayola from the top spot in children's arts and crafts but for kids that aren't that picky, they are a nice alternative.

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