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Weeds aren't welcomed in my yard, Thanks to Round Up!

Sep 17, 2000
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Pros:Fast and very effective Herbicide, easy to use, weeds die almost instantly

Cons:On several occasions, the sprayer has broken on me

Southern California's climate is just ripe for all kinds of weeds. It seems I can never get an upper hand on those pesty weeds. Early Saturday mornings you can find me pulling weeds from around my rose bushes, planter boxes and around my pineapple plants. Since I'd much rather be at the beach, sailing or just plain loafing around at home, I now use Roundup™ to control my weeds.

I purchase Roundup from Costco for about $15.00 per gallon. Occasionally you will find this product with free 12-ounce refills included. Mix this refill and you get another one-gallon supply of Roundup!


Roundup comes in a one-gallon container with a sprayer attached by a flexible hose. After mowing my lawn and cutting the shrubs around my yard, I grab my Roundup and attack those weeds.

When the first sign of weeds appears, I spray the offending weeds to curtail its growth. Periodically, I get very lazy and let the weeds grow until they start seeding. No problem. Just spray the entire weed and within hours the weed starts to shrivel. The weed will be dead in two days.

You can use Roundup in your planter boxes BUT make sure you do not spray Roundup on your desired plants. This chemical does not stay in the ground very long. I have sprayed a whole section of my planter box to kill all the weeds after a season of growth.
Currently, I am clearing out my planter boxes of my summer foliage. Now I am preparing it for the fall and winter plantings and have sprayed the entire planter box with Roundup. Let the planter box sit for about a week and then plant your new plants. Your new plants will not be affected by any residual herbicide. I am now on my fourth season of excellent growth!


The herbicide acts by stopping the weed from receiving nutrients from the sun and water. As it travels through the weed, this chemical reaches into the roots effectively killing the plant. This is why you must be very careful when using this herbicide near the plants you want to grow. Any herbicide that gets on your desired plant will kill it.

Let Roundup dry before watering. Watering will not wash away the effectiveness of this herbicide.


Keep this and all gardening chemicals away from children. I store all of my poisonous chemicals in a locked storage cabinet.

Spray the entire weed making sure the entire leaf and stem is wet. Allow weed to die completely before pulling the weed. I bought a small putty knife for this purpose. Using the edge of the knife, just remove the offending weed. It should pull out very easily.

If you use Roundup to kill your existing lawn in preparation for a new lawn, use a larger pump sprayer like the ones you see your exterminator use. You want to apply a steady and even coating on your old lawn to kill it. Allow several days for your entire lawn to die. You do not have to worry about any residual effects of Roundup on your lawn. New grass can be planted within several days of removing your old sod.

When using this product, I highly recommend you spray as early in the morning as possible. The wind tends to be calmer in the early morning hours than afternoon. You definitely do not want this product blown in your face!

While we are talking about caution, wash any part of your body in which this herbicide has come in contact.


My experience with Round Up has been great. A one-gallon container will last me about 6-8 weeks depending upon the season. The idea is to control the proliferation of weeds in areas where it is physically impossible to pull them out on a daily basis.

Weeds do not stand a chance in my yard. They can set root in my yard but they effectively will not live long enough to reproduce!

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