Rubbermaid Commercial Products Rolodex Rotary Business Card File, 200 Sleeves, 400 Card Cap., 24 Guides, Blue Card Filing Reviews
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Rubbermaid Commercial Products Rolodex Rotary Business Card File, 200 Sleeves, 400 Card Cap., 24 Guides, Blue Card Filing

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The Plastic Sleeves Make All the Difference

Jun 22, 2003
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Pros:Compact. Plastic sleeves hold business cards. Attractive. Discreet black.


The Bottom Line: If you need a small Rolodex that easily stores business cards, this is the one for you.

In this day and age where everyone has a Palm Pilot, perhaps no one uses Rolodexes anymore, but they are the best place to store business cards and contact information. They can't get corrupted or infected and lose all your data; they are easy to update, and they don't require batteries.

If you go shopping for a rotary Rolodex, be sure you get one with plastic sleeves. There is one that looks a lot like this one for half the price, but it doesn't come with plastic sleeves (and the individual pages may be smaller).

The Rolodex frame is black, which I think makes it attractive and discreet. The cards clip onto a central spine that can easily rotate in either direction as you turn the knobs. The knobs click into position, so there is no danger of slipping. There are dividers. Mine has one for each letter of the alphabet, except it has just one divider for XYZ. (I made myself some separate dividers for X, Y and Z from some cardstock. I also made some dividers for numbers because I have contacts whose company name begins with numerals.)

The pages are 4in. x 2-5/8in. with holes and slits punched in the bottom so they can clip onto the frame. The pages consist of plain, thin, white paper inserted in a lightweight plastic sleeve. The paper can be removed. The pages are big enough to hold a business card, with about a quarter inch of extra space on the left and right. I can remove the paper and write my contact information on it, or I can slide in another sheet of paper with information (sometimes I'll put in magazine clippings of ads) or I can slide in a business card (or several cards). The pages are big enough that I haven't had any problems fitting all the information I've needed on them. I tend to use only the front of the page, but the back is also available. The pages can be easily removed from the Rolodex or slipped back in. The plastic also helps to protect the pages from becoming frayed or dog eared.

The Rolodex comes with 200 sleeves, but it can hold a lot more than that. Even though I've inserted a lot of business cards I still have room to easily flip through it. Since it's a Rolodex, I found that the paper cards from my dinky old Rolodex matched the holes, so I added them in.

This Rolodex is small. It's only about 6-1/2in. wide by 7in. deep by 7in. high. It's light and easy to carry. It looks neat and tidy. And the pages are secure. Even though they are easy to remove, they are in so securely that I can't imagine them popping out by accident.

Other Ways to Store Information

I've used a lot of things to store business cards in over the years. I've used those business card booklets (narrow booklets with clear pages that have pockets to hold business cards). Those are okay for people that just have a few dozen business cards (probably just cards from friends or souvenirs) but it's less practical for business usage, since it's hard to keep them alphabetized.

At work I've been given lots of cheap, little Rolodexes to use. These probably cost about five bucks, are a few inches across, a few inches high and a few inches deep. They consist of some small cards with pre-printed lines (for name, address, phone), dividers (usually, they are grouped A-C, D-F, etc.), and a plastic base. The base is flat with a spine in the center that runs from front to back. The cards are diecut so that they can hook onto this spine, which allows you to flip through them like pages in a book.

I've usually found these annoying. Some of these are a different brand, so they may not fit the pages from my previous card index. My information often doesn't fit the pre-printed lines and the cards are too small to easily write the extra info on the edges. The base is so small that it's hard to flip through the cards unless I remove some to free up some space. The fact that several alphabets are grouped together makes it slow to find a specific name. Most of all, if I want to stick some business cards in there, they don't fit. They stick out the top, making it hard to see the dividers. Aside from looking messy, the cards also tend to fall out when I flip through the Rolodex--and if I drop it, everything falls out.

A few years ago, I noticed that the sales people I worked with had big rotary Rolodexes. Some looked messy. One looked nice. I looked closer and noticed that it had plastic sleeves. I decided to get one. When I went to buy mine, it was a tough decision. It cost $28.99 (more than I was expecting) and right next to it on the shelf was one that looked a lot like it for $15--but it didn't have plastic sleeves. I cringed and bought the more expensive unit. The plastic sleeves have made all the difference.

If you are in Sales or Marketing and need several hundred pages, this unit may be too small for you, but if you just have a few hundred cards this Rolodex should be fine. If you do use a Palm Pilot, a Rolodex is a nice backup.

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