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Rugby Daily-Vite Provides Nutrients My Body Needs

Feb 10, 2012
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Pros:Contains no iron
Contains no Vitamin K
100% RDV of most vitamins

Cons:Difficult to find

The Bottom Line: If you need to refrain from taking Vitamin K or iron, I recommend Rugby Daily-Vite Multivitamins.

I always purchased multivitamins with only the recommended daily values,  such as One a Day Multiple Vitamins Essential.   Now, there is no such animal on pharmacy shelves.  Recently, all I could locate were designer vitamins such as Womens’ Vitamins and Men’s Vitamins with ingredients I questioned and would not be comfortable with my husband or me ingesting.

I obtained advice from my Rite Aid Pharmacist.  I told him I was seeking a multiple vitamin without minerals, no Vitamin K, and only the required daily values.  He went behind the shelves of medicine bottles and pulled out a bottle of Rugby Daily-Vite.


Rugby Daily-Vite
is a daily multiple vitamin supplement which is compared to One A Day Essential Vitamins which I can no longer locate. 
There are 100 tablets contained in a cloudy, see-through plastic bottle.  The bottle has a yellow twist off cap.  The tablets are red in color and measure 3/8” in diameter.

Rugby Daily-Vite contains the following vitamins in 100% recommended daily values for overall health and wellness:

Vitamin C
Vitamin D-3
Vitam E
Thiamin (Vitamin B-1)
Ribovlavin (Vitamin B-2)
Vitamin B6
Folate (folic acid)
Vitamin B12
Pantothenic Acid

Rugby Daily-Vite contains
only 60% of Vitamin A (acetate and betacarotene) and only 2% of calcium.

The directions state adults are to take one tablet daily with a meal. 

My Experience:

I was glad that my pharmacist recommended Rugby Daily-Vite, for I had been seeking  a replacement for One A Day Essential vitamins for a while.  My husband has CAD and he refrains from taking iron and Vitamin K.  Iron supplementation is not recommended for someone with CAD, nor is Vitamin K which makes the blood clot.  I refrain from taking Vitamin K due to having afib which puts me at a higher risk of stroke.  Rugby Daily-Vite contains no iron or Vitamin K.

Rugby Daily-Vite
daily multiple vitamins are found behind the pharmacy counter at Rite Aid.  When my pharmacy does not have any in stock, my pharmacist places a special order for me.

When I take the vitamin with a meal, I experience no stomach upset.


A bottle of Rugby Daily-Vite  multiple vitamin supplements costs $4.00.
My Take:
Nearly half of adults in the U.S. take multivitamins whether they need them or not.  Some doctors refrain from prescribing daily supplements if their patients are eating a healthy diet; however, in this day and age it can be difficult to eat three nutritious meals a day.  I feel better when my husband and I take a daily multiple vitamin such as Rugby Daily-Vite to supply the key nutrients our bodies need.

Thank you for reading my review and Lean ‘N Mean Entry

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