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Rutland Creosote Remover

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May just be magic fairy dust for your fireplace- Rutland Creosote Remover

Nov 25, 2012 (Updated Nov 25, 2012)
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Pros:One scoop twice a week. Very effective on Creosote. Keeps Chimney clean.


The Bottom Line: Very effective product for removing creosote that collects on your insert or wood stove and your chimney.  Very little effort required.


If you've read my other recent fireplace reviews, you'll know that we just had a Hearthstone Clydesdale fireplace insert installed. It has a large "widescreen - high definition :)" viewing glass. Well, shortly after we started using it, we quickly realized that we needed a way to clean the glass.

There doesn't seem to be a magic bullit, but I've found a combination of Rutland products that when used together seem to minimize the amount of effort required.

About the product

This product comes in a 2 lb tub, and is a granular powder that is sprinkled either on a bed of hot coals or on when you build your fire before you light it.  It is heat activated, and interacts with creosote to turn it into a powdery form that can aid in cleaning.  I use this particularly for aiding the cleaning of the glass.  However, it also is used to reduce the buildup of creosote in your chimney liner, stove pipes, and the inside of your wood stove or fireplace.

this is an eye irritant, and harmful if swallowed.  It contains Trisoduum phosphate or TSP.  The caution goes on to warn to avoid contact with eyes and skin. If you do get it in your eyes or on your skin, you need to flush thoroughly with water.  If ingested, you need to administer plenty of water and contact a physician immediately. Given the warnings, I would probably only use this in a sealed fireplace insert or wood-stove.

Unlike the spray cleaner I reviewed earlier which was manufactured in the USA, this Rutland product is made in China. 

How well does it work?

I use this Rutland Creosote Remover granular powder several times a week, and especially just before I want to clean the glass. I usually apply to hot coals before I stoke the fire.  Then I allow the fire to burn hot, since this attacks the creosote, and I think the hotter fire is more effective at converting to a material that is easier to remove from the glass. Often times, the area with the heaviest creosote build up, in the lower corners of the glass are the easiest to clean after treatment. The sooty carbon material toward the top of the glass is less affected by the creosote remover. But on the other hand, the spray and glass cleaner are most effective on that anyway.

After using the creosote remover, I allow the coals to cool, then apply the Liquid Spray Cleaner to the cool glass door.  It does a pretty good job removing most of the build up. This is followed up with a 3rd Rutland product which is a Conditioning Glass Cleaner cream, that is applied with a wet paper towel or newspaper. This polishes the glass, and I think it helps prevent the soot and creosote from adhering as much the next time.

Keeping the glass clean has become an obsession. But it is worth it to be able to watch the fire burning and the flames dancing. Nothing like having my 6 year old daughter ask me to come sit with her by the fire on a chilly fall evening.


I wish there was one product that I could sprinkle on, or spray on, or otherwise use to keep the glass clean. This material is the closest to a magic fairy dust you could hope for; requiring little physical effort to achieve the best cleaning results.  I still seem to need a concoction of these three products to really clean the glass properly.  I'm happy with the product. I believe it works as advertised.

Thanks to Dawn.  She must be sitting around waiting for me to send requests, they get created so quickly.  Serously, she must be one busy Epinion lead.  Big thanks!

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