Hewlett Packard DeskJet 722c InkJet Printer, Keeps on going and going.

Sep 22, 2005 (Updated Jun 15, 2006)
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Pros:Very reliable, Good print.

Cons:A bit noisy.

The Bottom Line: This has been the rock in our home. It's always dependable.

I have had the Hewlett Packard DeskJet 722c InkJet Printer for about five years of daily use. Though we don't print much each day we do use it regularly for my daughter's school papers, mapquest printouts and occasional photos. My wife likes to use it for prints when going through web sites looking at places to stay. She'll print out a picture and show it to me. I have seen many, many places in the Caribbean that way.

Set up and Print

The hook-up as I remember it was simple enough. Software disk comes with the printer and drivers install without any problem. Though I have learned a bit about PCs over the years I was completely clueless then yet still got through the process easily.

We have been very happy with this basic inkjet printer that has a resolution of 600x600. The quality of the print has been consistently good over the years. This includes colour. The cartridges are easy to put in. They snap in on top and with a family with four children who were constantly using the printer and changing cartridges we never had a problem. I liked the fact that the cartridges are easy to find and they come in a duo pack that held the price down slightly, but still too much as far as I was concerned. Figure on $55.00 for the two.

For a little while my oldest daughter was purchasing photo paper and printing digital pics through this printer. The pictures were quite clear for a unit of this price but the overall cost of doing it herself wasn't worth it. It also used up a ton of ink and at over $25 for the one cartridge it added too much to the cost. She now does her printing through a direct email service.

The paper tray on this printer is in the front and holds about forty or so sheets of paper. The feed has been flawless. Never did it pick up more than one sheet and it jammed maybe two times the whole time I've owned it. I really only remember one time and I was easily able to take care of the problem immediately. That's incredible as far as I'm concerned.

This printer is pretty heavy, nothing like a Dell 720 that came with a PC we just purchased for my daughter. That one felt like a toy. This HP had substance to it and has never "walked" when in use.

It was a handsome looking piece and cleans up pretty well when it starts getting finger prints etc.

In the time we owned this printer we have had two PCs. The change from the first to the second was no problem at all. We just plugged in the proper wires and the new PC found it.

Easy to use but a bit slow

It has a green light that tells you it is on and a red light that lets you know there is no paper in the tray. If it goes on you just fill the tray and push the button. Your printing resumes where is stopped. Pretty straight forward stuff.

I feel the printer is slow especially when doing colour pictures. I'm not a patient guy and sometimes the process gets me goin' nuts. I also find the unit a bit loud when printing. We never shut the machine off, in fact the only time it has not been on is when we have had power outages.

Last Notes

I have never had any kind of parts failure in this printer. It has never stopped working for any reason except one or two paper jams the whole time we have used it. This is an extremely reliable machine and it just keeps on going.

If this one ever goes I am definitely going to purchase another HP product. This is specially true after picking up the Dell printer for my daughter. It came free so I wasn't going to say no. My HP printer has a more defined print, feels better, has a more substantial tray area and the cartridges were easy to pick up at any office store. Hey, Maybe this printer will never stop working. That's the way it seems now.

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