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Sanford Arrowhead Eraser Caps: A Nerdling Necessity

Nov 22, 2005
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Pros:A great replacement eraser, minimal amount of post use grit, inexpensive.

Cons:You can never have enough of these around the house.

The Bottom Line: Sick of erasers that never last as long as the pencil? Donít pitch Ďem, top them off with one of these ultra nifty but slightly geeky eraser caps from Sanford.

Did you ever find yourself needing an eraser but every pencil you reach for is either missing an eraser or it’s all used up? I’ve done it more than a few times and it is extremely annoying. We don’t use wooden pencils a lot but when the brood need them for a standardized test or certain type of class that requires them, I usually go a little crazy and buy way too many of them. Eventually the erasers are all tapped out and I end up with virtually useless pencils on my desk. I’d purchased these “eraser replacers” in the past and thought that when the brood moved up to automatic and mechanical pencils I’d seen the last of them but I was wrong, dead wrong. They still put these on their “must have as soon as possible” list [they are forever waiting for the last minute to do things] when they know that there is even the slightest possibility that they will need them. Now that Annabelle is doing a lot of writing she likes using these when she wears down the erasers on her pencils. With the way that she goes through them, I should buy stock in Sanford.

Sanford Arrowhead Eraser Caps [12 pack]

I’m not an expert on erasers but I’ve tried enough of them to know the good ones from the bad. When you start looking at replacement erasers you might be tempted to go with the neon ones or ones that have designs on them, sadly, as nice as these look, they aren’t all that functional and some of them will leave faint traces of the colored rubber on the paper. Since I have always had great luck with Sanford’s products in the past, when it came time to stock up on these I didn’t mind paying a little extra for them. I knew that they would be backed with their guarantee of satisfaction and that they would get the job done. The tip of the eraser is firm but not so much so that it rips the paper, there is enough give to it that it will bend but snapping or breaking has never been an issue. These will fit almost every type of pencil and can be removed easily if need be.

What I really like about these is that the cap has a really nice tip to it, this makes it easy to erase a small section without smudging or erasing other areas that you want to stay on the paper. The eraser grit that you get when using this is minimal so you don’t need to sit there and wipe or blow off the used material. These erasers will work on all types of lead as well as some colored pencils and erasable inks. You can use these for blending pastels but you will want to make sure that you keep them separate from other erasers so you don’t use them accidentally and end up with a very colorful piece of paper. When working with thinner paper like air mail or onion skin these area really nice alternative to regular erasers because they are a little softer and generally won’t rip, wrinkle or wear through the paper. Kids like them because they can hide the shabby ends of pencils and make them a little safer. Have you ever been accidentally jabbed with the metal end of a pencil that’s has it’s eraser worn down? I have and it isn’t a fun experience.


Yes, you can find cheaper erasers than these but when you use them you will notice the difference. Some of them are too firm and end up ripping the paper, some are colored in neon and leave behind a trace of the color, others flip or flop off when you are using them. I started getting these at Staples for $1.29, their house brand was .99 cents but I wasn’t going to try to save a couple of cents on something that I know at least two of the brood are going to use on a more than regular basis. These come with a money back guarantee that you will be satisfied or they will replace them or give you a refund.

Things To Know

• These shouldn’t be confused with Sanford’s “Colorific” eraser caps. The “Colorific” ones come in a five pack of assorted neon colors that look pretty cool on your pencil but can leave behind a trace of the color when you use them on certain type of paper. Sanford makes a nice line of erasers for all types of applications, check their website to get information on all of them.

• If you are a teacher or need to buy a ton of these you can pick them up by the box or case at most online office supply stores. They can be used on almost every type of pencil as well as some automatic and mechanical ones so if you buy a lot of these, you may want to look into buying them in bulk to save some money in the long run.

The Bottom Line

You might not think that eraser caps are a big deal, I guess in the larger scheme of things they aren’t but if you have a kid that is slightly obsessive compulsive about what they write and erase with then this is a great pick. Most of these get used by my youngest and Annabelle but I do swipe a couple to keep in my desk drawer. They are easy to use, stay on the end of the pencil and do a great job of erasing a variety of things. Sure they might cost a little more than other brands but to me they are worth it because they get the job done without ripping up the page or leaving behind a lot of mess to clean up.

As always, thanks for the read!

~^V^~ Freak ~^V^~

© 2005 Freak369

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