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Mistakes Magically Disappear With Sanford's "Magic Rub" Eraser

May 15, 2007
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Pros:Awesome to work with, long life, minimal amount of grit.

Cons:Can be hard to find.

The Bottom Line: Sick of pink eraser poop all over your papers? Then Sanford's Magic Rub is the eraser for you!

Writing a review of an eraser is about as fun as tackling paper clips and mouse traps. There's only so much you can say about them … or is there?. Sanford is one of the leaders in office supplies; be it colored pencils, markers or even something as basic as an eraser, when they make something, they make it to last. When ever I grab a Magic Rub to use it, I have to snicker. No, erasers don't generally make me giddy but it's the name that does it to me every time. I'll leave well enough alone with that though. The Magic Rub is a step up from the Pink Pearl but in my honest opinion, not as great as a kneaded eraser. These were something that I discovered years ago when taking art classes and have become a true office staple. I would have reviewed them a long time ago but the Epinions database had the listing buried deep within its bowels.

Sanford Magic Rub Eraser

What makes the Magic Rub an awesome eraser? There is less grit when using it which means less clean up. When you are doing art the last thing you want to do is have to brush off a page because that only increases the chance that you are going to smear whatever you are working on. This can be used on almost any type of paper and to remove pretty much any type of media; it works best on lead pencils, colored pencils and erasable ink but pastels, well, that will smear them and create a complete mess. I have used these on everything from cardboard to vellum so they are gentle enough to use on delicate papers but tough enough to handle things with a grain or textured surface.

In my opinion they last longer than other erasers; they don't wear down and the corners don't break off so you do have more control over them when you are using them. I like the fact that they are a true rectangular shape; some of the Pink Pearl ones have slanted edges and while that might be nice to get into corners and tight spots, it also means that they are susceptible to breaking. As far as the Magic Rub picking up colors, it does happen from time to time but it isn't anything that can't be remedied. Just rub the eraser on a piece of textured paper or cardboard and it will remove whatever is stuck to it. This is something that helps to extend the life of the eraser and keep it from ruining projects.

These cost a little more than the regular pink erasers but in my opinion they are more than worth it because they last a long time, can be used for a variety of things and are well made. The grit that comes off them is fine so whisking it off paper with a brush is the best way to remove it. The size of it is what makes it easy to use, 21/4 x 1" x 7/16. Another great thing is that it isn’t made of rubber so it is a bit firmer and lasts longer. If you've ever used a rubber eraser to try and remove a large amount of color you know that ''skipping' can happen and if that does occur on thin paper it could lead to ripping.

As I said, these do cost a little more than regular pink or rubber erasers but they are worth it. My local art store, Top Notch Supplies, has a huge bin of these and they sell them for fifty cents a piece. That's the lowest price I have ever seen them at so when I swing by there, I always stock up on them. The average selling price is about .75 cents a piece if you are buying them individually or $1.75 for a pack of three. Sanford also has these in a dozen box but you are going to have to hit places like Staples or Office Depot to find them in the bulk size packages.

The Bottom Line

Not all erasers are alike; the Magic Rub proves that. These are great for students, artists and anyone that is sick of having to deal with pink eraser poop all over their papers and desk. This isn't a completely grit-free eraser but the waste from it is a lot easier to clean up than the stuff that comes off the rubber ones. I wouldn't recommend this for ink unless it is something that is of an erasable nature like the PaperMate "Eraser Mate". If you are going to use this with an erasable ink, make sure you check the eraser before you use it to remove lead or colored pencils. There is a small chance that some of the ink could be left on the eraser.

As always, thanks for the visit…

~^V^~ Freak ~^V^~

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Please note: While this looks like a generic product listing for Sanford erasers, when you click the View Details link it is the listing for the Magic Rub Eraser.

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