The Scotts Company Scotts Co - Ortho Bus Group No. 0462510 3lb Buggeta Plus Killer (71549046255) Reviews
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The Scotts Company Scotts Co - Ortho Bus Group No. 0462510 3lb Buggeta Plus Killer (71549046255)

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Ortho Bug Geta Plus - Snails & Slugs Have No Chance!

Sep 25, 2009
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Pros:East to use. Kills overnight. Safe around edible plants.

Cons:Pesticide has a strong odor.

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend Ortho Bug Geta Plus Snail, Slug & Insect killer. It has been a main stay in my garden for over five years with excellent results.

Your garden is a reflection of the person who cares for it and a nice garden takes time and effort just like rearing children. Unfortunately there are pests we have to contend with and one of these pests is snails and slugs. Some how snails and slugs are gifted with a keen sense of knowing when you just planted a new crop of plants with tender shoots.

In the old days we would set out salt to kill these pests but salt ruins the dirt to the point where no plants will grow so what do you do?

I live near the beach where the mornings are always wet because of the marine layer coming off the ocean during the night. In the morning, dew is everywhere. My tomato, zucchini and string bean plants show me the signs that something has been eating my vegetables. So looking around I see the dried slime trails of these sneaky slimy pests.


Active Ingredients:

Carbaryl 5%
Metaldehyde 2%
Other 93%

This pesticide treats 6,000 sq. ft. or the approximate six of three tennis courts. It attracts and kills snails, slugs, plus ants, armyworms, crickets, cutworms, earwigs, grasshoppers, millipedes, pill bugs and sow bugs.

Ortho Bug-Geta Plus can be used to treat ornamental gardens and planted borders in addition for most home grown fruits and vegetables.


If the ground is dry, you should water it. Using a spreader, you can set the spreader to number 4 and distribute this pesticide evenly but do not let it clump up or land on the plant itself. After you are completed, wet down the area again and do not water for two days. If it rains heavily, you may have to reapply the pesticide more often.

Under normal conditions, you will reapply this pesticide every two weeks to control snails, slugs and other listed pests.


When you transplant your plants, you should incorporate any fertilizer into the soil then water deeply. Apply Ortho Bug-Geta Plus around the plant and lightly water to activate the pesticide. Once applied, do not water for two days to allow the pesticide to do its work. Keep an eye on young tender shoots and growth for any signs of pest damage.

Tell-tale signs of a snail or slug problem will be a familiar dried slime trail zigzagging around on your walkways near the desired plants. Normally, snails and slugs do not like to wander on concrete or cement unless it is wet like after a rain storm. Once you see these slime trains, it is time to bring out the Other Bug-Geta Plus!

From experience, my tomato plants need this treatment to combat not only snails and slugs but cutworms and the white butterfly caterpillars. You will recognize this damage with huge “C” shaped holes in the leaves. If possible use a small trellis to hold up your tomatoes and do not let them lie on the ground as this is an easy dinner opportunity for your unwelcome guests. On zucchinis, slugs love the tender shoots of new leaves and will attack the zucchini as soon as the flower drops to expose the zucchini itself. Once the zucchini emerges, place the zucchini on a Styrofoam plate available at any grocery store. I use a 6 inch plate first and as it elongates, I switch to a 9 inch plate. Using this method prevents slugs and other pests from attacking your vegetables.

When your garden becomes acclimated, you can more or less tell when you must apply Other’s Bug-Geta Plus pesticide. After application, you should wait anywhere from 3 to 14 days to harvest your fruit or vegetables.


Snails and slugs must have moisture to live. I always recommend watering in the morning. Do not over water your plants to where you have a large run off. Not only does this waste water, your garden’s soil will become water logged promoting an ideal spot for these pests to set up home and multiply.

Most garden plants, fruit trees and vegetable plants do not need watering every day. Tomatoes can go a week without watering. If you live in an arid region, adjust your watering to eliminate standing water so that there is nothing to attract snails and slugs to your garden.


This pesticide is toxic to dogs, cats and obviously children. When treating your garden, make sure pets and children do not play in the treated area until it dries completely.

It is also highly toxic to aquatic life and birds. Do not apply directly to any water source that could contaminate your local wildlife refuge areas.


I try to keep any chemicals I use in my garden to a minimum especially if it can contaminate my local wildlife and beaches. I feed wild birds which do help keep down the pests I have in my garden but they cannot do the job 100% so I have to rely on products like Ortho Bug-Geta Plus to help me control snails and slugs in my garden. It also has given me another benefit too. I do not have any ant, pill bug or sow bug problems. I do have my annual cricket issues which are taken care of with another pesticide but for the most part, my garden pests are kept under control with attention and prevention.

I have used Ortho Bug-Geta Plus for about five years with great success. Follow my watering techniques to avoid these pests and your garden will look better than the gardens you see in home and garden magazines.


Always wear safely goggles and gloves when handling this product. Wash your hands thoroughly after use before eating and touching your face, eyes, mouth or nose.


The Ortho Guarantee: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with this product, mail proof of purchase (sales receipt) to Ortho for a complete refund.


(800) 225-2883

The Ortho Group
P.O. Box 190
Marysville, OH  43040

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