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The Scotts Company Scotts #10 Insect Killer (167050)

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Jun 30, 2011 (Updated Jun 30, 2011)
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Pros:Great bin very humid conditions, literally mels on the grass as you spread it.

Cons:Use protection

The Bottom Line: Great for lawns, vegetable beds, flowerbeds, and around the homes foundation.

Sctts Ortho Bug B Gon Granules

A neighbor of mine called and said she was having serious insect infestations of crickets, and black ants. I gave her a suggestion that I've been reading up on the formula for Scotts Ortho Bug B Gone and I thought was worth trying. Always have to be up on the chemical changes these manufactures decide to spring on us guidelines for pets and waterway's for the Chesapeake Bag and other water holes. The active ingredient is 0.115% Bifenthrin on a lime base granular dust that on a hot humid day will disintegrate in a minute or two and immediately clings to grass. No need to worry about rain, putting this Bug B Gon down comes in contact with those pesky insects.  This Scotts Ortho Bug B Gon comes in 10, 20, and 25 pound bags and that each 10 pound bag covers 10,000 feet.

Pour the granules very slowly from bag to spreader not to stir up any dust and to be on the safe side wear a mouth protector and gloves. Turn your spreader on number 4 for all Scotts Spreaders, or on 3 for drop spreaders. Make sure your lines are straight with some over lap to make sure every inch is covered; I even went one step further. After I was done with the lawn, I took out my little handy Scotts Hand Spreader and did a extra 3 foot gap at the foundation of the home and garage. I added extra to do the flowerbeds this is a good way to go, because insects love feeding and breeding inside fresh mulch...

From the web site this product will kill insects including: Ants (including Carpenter, Red Harvester, Pavement, Odorous, Pyramid, Argentine, Pharoah, Fire Ants and Foraging Fire Ants), Armyworms, Billbugs, Centipedes, Chinch Bugs, Crickets, Cutworms, Earwigs, European Crane Fly Larvae, Fleas, Grasshoppers, Leaf Hoppers, Mealybugs, Millipedes, Mole Crickets, Sod Webworms (Lawn Moth), Spiders, Ticks (including ticks that may transmit Lyme Disease), and Weevils (including Hyperodes).

Overall her home has been bug free for over two weeks now. Scotts Ortho doesn't give any guarantees because on the label it says will work great for 3 months after that you may need to re-apply. The odor doesn't hit you until you're applying so I do hope you have protection on. Works instantly and you will be happy from the results. This product will go deep in your soil to kill egg larve, but it's main purpose are for the bugs that feast on your grass above ground. If you don't have any pets and you begin to see brown spots on your soil, you want to attack them fiercely with this Ortho Bug B Gon.

Thanks for reading.

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