Scotwood Industries Inc. No. 9.5j - Heat Pres 9.5lb Drivewayheat (797496860088)

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Prestone Driveway Heat Ice Has Met Its Match!

Jan 19, 2009
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Pros:Works great and melts ice in below freezing temperature


The Bottom Line: If you have an icy driveway or walkway try Prestone Driveway Heat

Our southern New England home faces east and the driveway runs along the north side of our house. For the geographically impaired, that means it gets very little sun to mettle the ice and snow off our short but hilly 40 foot driveway. Frustrated by slipping and sliding down the drive I bought some Prestone Driveway Heat.

What You Get
Prestone Driveway Heat is an ice melter of calcium chloride. The small, white round pellets work down to -25° F. It is labeled as safe for vegetation and concrete when used properly. Prestone Driveway Heat is available in 50 lb and 20 lb bags as well as a 9.5 shaker jug, which is what I purchased.

My Experience
It was too cold to stand outside and read the instructions so I just went at it. I flipped open the top on the jug and started pouring Prestone Driveway Heat onto the shaded areas of my driveway and front walk. It was about 20° F at 10AM when I started sprinkling pellets onto the 1/2" covering of ice. I was greeted almost immediately to the distinctive sound of ice cracking. So far so good.

I took a few minutes to glance at the back of the jug and noted that for best results I should give the pellets 10 minutes to work before removing the ice. I warmed up on in the house for about 15 minutes before going outside to check on the progress of my white pellets. When I went back outside, my pellets were gone along with most of my ice. Prestone Driveway Heat turned the ice to liquid. I didn't need my metal edged shovel to chip away at the ice, I used our large driveway brush to push the sludge off the driveway. There were still a few patches of ice so I poured a few more pellets on those areas and let the Driveway Heat works its magic.

There are directions on the container explaining exactly how much to sprinkle on how much of an area. I can't imagine anyone measuring square area and volume of pellets when trying to clear their drive or walk. It doesn't take much skill to figure out how much you need without applying more than you need. There is a warning to use goggles and gloves while applying Driveway Heat, but I skipped the goggles and with the small pouring spout on the jug my winter gloves seemed good enough.

Within half an hour my driveway was safe to walk down again. There was no white residue on the driveway or our concrete walkway. Even though I used about half of the $10 container it was well worth it. It was even better when my father took home my jug and filled it back up from his 50 lb bag. Apparently, I'm not the only one in the family who likes Prestone Driveway Heat.

Final Thoughts
With the extra cold weather we have had this year I have been going through a lot of Prestone Driveway Heat. I highly recommend it to everyone who complains about getting ice off of their driveway. Stop standing outside in the frigid cold and let Driveway Heat do the work for you.

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