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Suncast CPLJNF175D Reel Cart (JNF175T)

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Suncast HoseMobile - inexpensive hose reel cart $19.99

Jul 5, 2010
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Pros:Inexpensive, wind ups up and stores hose with some effort

Cons:no storage area for tools. connector hose kinks easily. flimsy feel, no hose guide

The Bottom Line: If you are looking for a inexpensive hose reel cart for occastional use,  the Suncast HoseMobile Hose Reel Cart might work for you. Remember you get what you pay for

Why I was looking for a hose reel cart
We moved into a new home last year and have hose connections on each side of the house. I bought some of the metal hanger type things for the hoses on each side. They were attractive but in our back area which I use most often I needed about 100 ft of hose and even though most of the time I only used about 75ft max it was still a pain to rehang the hose on the hanger.

I decided I wanted to get a wind up hose reel cart but did not want to pay a lot since I do not use it all that much. I had been keeping my eye out for one and when we were at Lowes yesterday I spotted this for only $19.99 It is regularly $29.99 but they had a price drop at Lowes for this item.

Setting it up

Luckily this Suncast HoseMobile Hose Reel Cart is completely assembled. It is lightweight and when you bring it home all you have to do is remove the cardboard around it, lift up the handle and pull up the handle for winding up the hose

There is a place to attach your hose on the inside of the reel, and a short hose attached to the outside that connects to your spigot. It was easy enough to attach to my hose to the cart and the connector hose to my spigot

Quality and look
The Suncast HoseMobile Hose Reel Cart is not a high quality item, it is all rather flimsy construction and cheap plastic. I think with minimal use and putting it in for winters it should hold up a few years but if you are going to be using this daily I would suggest getting a more expensive unit

The Connector hose that comes with the Suncast HoseMobile Hose Reel Cart is flimsy and I had to be careful to place it so that it would not have a kink in it. The hose was black which I liked because it matched the hose I already had that was also black.

The Suncast HoseMobile Hose Reel Cart is attractive enough. It is a taupe color which blends in to my landscaping fine. It does not come with a hose.

How much hose will it hold
The Suncast HoseMobile Hose Reel Cart states that it will hold up to 175ft of hose. I honestly find this hard to believe. I put on 100 ft of medium /high quality hose and this to me was about the max. I think if I had tried to put on another 50 feet of hose it would have been going over the edges. I think Suncast should be more realistic when stating how much this hose cart will hold. Maybe if you were using really lightweight hose it might be able to hold 175ft but not for normal hose that most people have.

I attached all the hoses and turned it on and there were NO LEAKS. This is great for such an inexpensive item.

Winding up the hose
The first thing I noticed about the Suncast HoseMobile Hose Reel Cart when trying to wind up the hose was how flimsy this unit is. There is a plastic thing that comes out on one side to step on to steady the cart and you have to hold on to the top of the handle with one hand while winding with the other. You really have to hold it to keep it steady. The problem with that is that you do not have a third hand to guide the hose so that it rolls up evenly. I ended up using my leg as a guide moving it from side to side to get it to wind up somewhat evenly.

I will say it was much easier to wind up than it was to wind up on metal hanger I was previously using but I began to regret not buying a better unit when I was winding it up.

There is a little groove built into support below the handle to slip the end of your hose in for storage. I do wish there was some sort of little basket or something for a hose adapter or small sprinkler...but alas ... you get what you pay for.

Pulling out the hose

The Suncast HoseMobile Hose Reel Cart is so lightweight that you pretty much need to secure it to the ground somehow or you will end up pulling the entire cart when you pull the hose out. If you are extremely careful winding up the hose evenly it is much easier to unwind without pulling the whole cart across your yard.

My reason for recommending

I think if you keep in mind that you get what you pay for. this hose reel cart is less than half the price of some other sturdier models. For only occasional use if you are careful with it, the Suncast HoseMobile Hose Reel cart can be a functional item

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