Safari Wire Pin Brush for Large Breeds Reviews

Safari Wire Pin Brush for Large Breeds

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Dogs Love Being Fluffed and Brushed

Dec 31, 2007 (Updated Jan 1, 2008)
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Pros:Effective for daily brushing and maintenance, helps reduce winter dry skin

Cons:Not designed for major grooming or working with mats

The Bottom Line: Our experience with this brush has been nothing but good and that's the response the three dogs have shared.

Short-haired Labradors are easy to groom. Once-a-week brushings are more a luxury than a necessity unless they romp through fields in pursuit of adventure. Long-haired dogs appear to be a different story as we’re finding out this week.

Granddoggy is visiting. He’s a black, long-haired border collie/collie/Labrador mix. We’re having fun with the black, brown, and blond dogs. But the granddoggy’s hair is long requiring frequent brushing. My son generally brushes him every day, although occasionally every other day. I’ve been sharing the experience—we’re having bonding moments and he’s not certain he’s going to leave to return to Indianapolis. I’ve been surprised how well the Safari Wire Pin Brush performs on his very thick coat.

The wire pin brush has a large oval head, with a soft, springy rubber back. (I have an anti-static brush that looks similar.) The pins are designed to help lift out loose hair while stimulating natural oils. It seems to work, this dog has a shiny and smooth coat.

Got mats, don’t use this. This is a good fluffer and excellent for daily maintenance but there are numerous tools designed to rake or thin heavy coats. I’m using the Safari Wire Pin Brush on our dogs mostly to cut down on belle-bunnies (the hair that escapes from the feathers of our blond lab) and to distribute the natural oils that reduce dandruff. This is especially important during the winter with the interior air so dry.

Endurance? That is a challenge. When you brush every day there’s not a lot of tug. When you brush every couple of days his 12-inch long hair begins to mat, especially around the collar, tummy, and tail. My experience with these brushes is that the glue holding the rubber pad and pins gives up and the pad pulls out. However, my son has been using this particular brush since summer. Ours is well over two years old.

Clean-up The long hair easily lifts out. The round-headed pins are smooth and spaced far enough apart that it’s snag-free. With my dogs and their shorter hair I sometimes use a toothpick to lift hair out. Rinse it in a mild soap or shampoo solution if it appears to have a build up of oily film. I wouldn’t soak the brush in a soapy solution--that might loosen the glue and once the pad comes out it’s worthless. We just toss the dog hair out in the back yard for the birds; they seem to love the nest padding materials or the insulation. Daily brushing of Belle-girl would fill a gallon bag easily; daily brushing of my son’s dog fills a small trash can. It’s no wonder they both drink a lot of water—they’re watering the new hair they are growing.

Grip This comes in two sizes, small and medium/large. This large brush is nine inches long with a 4 inch grip. The brush is set in smooth wood-grained hardwood with a handle contoured for easy handling.

We have this brush and have used it on our short-haired dogs for a long time, but I’ve always wondered how effective it would be on a really long-haired dog. My granddoggy seems to be fine with the attention, every bit as much as my dogs. He doesn’t flinch or grimace or even yip when this goes through his coat.

Watching his face it’s clear he enjoys a good brushing in the morning. I recommend this for daily grooming on long-haired dogs but not major grooming or dealing with mats. Daily use will eliminate human allergy problems by reducing the amount of plant-debris and dust loaded fur balls. This is a daily-use brush designed for both long-haired and short-haired dogs of all sizes and it’s clear to me they love the attention.

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