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I Found A Good Way To Get Rid Of Unwanted House Guests!

May 27, 2005 (Updated May 27, 2005)
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Pros:Non-toxic, Pesticide-free, Easy to use.


The Bottom Line: A safe way to trap a variety of moths anywhere in you home.

A little over 3 months ago we had a lot of un-invited guests that were taking up shelter in our home. Now I don't mean relatives or friends. I'm talking about flying moths that had invaded our home. One evening while we were watching TV, I noticed a few of these moths flying around in our living room. I got up and tried to smack them with my hands. They flew so fast all around that it was hard to finally get them. But I was determined to catch these pesky moths. After about and hour of constantly jumping up from my chair, I finally caught them both by smacking them between my hands. Soon after we started to notice that these moths were flying around at night more frequently.

I just figured that they had come in from our garage because my husband at times goes out in the back yard and will leave the back door in our garage slightly open. Anyway the next day, as I was preparing to have some oatmeal for my breakfast, and had poured some oatmeal from the container into my boiling water, I noticed that there was a moth laying in my oatmeal in the pan. That container of oatmeal along with the oatmeal in the pan went quickly in my garbage. Now I'm thinking, how many of these little buggers have I eaten in the last month every time I ate my oatmeal. Yuck!! It did give me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

This made me want to open and check out my other food items in my cabinets only to find 5 or 6 of these moths on the wall inside one of my cabinet. I checked my other cabinet only to fine more moths in that cabinet also. I then new that I had an infestation of these moths. So for the next 2 days I had to throw away all of my flour, granulated sugar, powdered sugar, crackers, brown sugar, rice, macaroni, cereal, beans along with some boxes of Jello and pudding boxes. I did see some in the flour when I was throwing it out, so I knew they were probably also into my other dry foods as well. I do know that many dried foods especially flour may already have these pests in the bag when you bring them home.

After spraying and cleaning out all of my cabinets the next day, I went to our Ace hardware store and told them about these pesky moths that I had. They suggested that I buy these Safer Pantry Pest Traps, which I did for $6.99 for 2 pest traps.

This Pantry Pest kit comes with 2 traps and 2 Pheromone lures that will attract the moths to the trap. The traps are three sided triangular traps and are about 5 inches long. I had to be careful handling the traps, and not touching the inside of the traps. When I was removing the traps from the box, my finger accidentally touched the inside of one of the traps, and I found out quickly that the inside of the traps have very sticky surfaces and this is where the moths get stuck to.

Getting these traps ready was very easy to do. The lures come in a sealed plastic packet. There is a red small square which is about a 1/2 inch in size. On the side of the trap is a small slit. This is where the lure can be slid into the trap. I cut one end of the plastic packet and shook the lure down to the opening of the plastic packet and slid the lure down into the slit, which then laid in the bottom of the trap.

It's a good idea to place these traps anywhere you have a problem with these moths. The kitchen, pantry, garage or even your basement. These traps will do best if there also placed within 10 feet of any infected source, and these traps are safe enough to even place right in your kitchen cabinets.

After the trap was ready I placed one of the traps on top of my fridge. The other trap we placed out in our garage. According to the package, these moths will also come in bird seed also. We have a big bag of bird seed that we do keep in our garage, so that we can keep our bird feeders full. My husband took the bird seed out of the plastic bag and put it in a large Popcorn tin, like the ones that you get at Christmas time that are filled with popcorn. So now he keeps the bird seed in the outdoor shed. We then placed the trap on a metal shelve in the garage. A few days later we did find several moths that were trapped in the garage trap.

I went out and restocked all of my foods and purchased several plastic containers with secure lids and put a Avery address label on each container and labeled it with a marker according to what food I had in each container.

Now this all happened about 3 months ago, and these traps did work well. The one trap that we first had gotten and was placed on top of my fridge had filled up quickly with many moths within a month. And since then we have purchased a few more of these Pantry Pest Traps to keep on hand. They do contain a powerful attractant that will lure these moths into the trap. I really didn't realize how infected my house was with these moths until I saw how many were lured to the traps.

Dried Fruits
Bird Seeds
Powdered milk
Dried Pet Food
Red Peppers
Cocoa Beans

Indian Meal Moths
Flour Moths
Raisin Moths
Seed Moths
Almond Moths
Tobacco Moths

I found that by keeping my dried foods in plastic containers, I don't have to worry about any of these pesky moths getting into anymore of my foods. When I do empty any dried foods that I have bought from the store, I will examine the contents very carefully before putting any of the food into my containers.

These moths are small and narrow looking. They can be anywhere from 3/8 to 1/2 inch long. The moths that we had were sort of a brown color, but I've also seen a few that were a light gray in color also. I also noticed that the moths only seem to come out and fly around the house at night. So if you happen to see these moths flying around your home, you better be prepared.

I've found that I had to go out and buy another box of these Pantry Pest traps, after a few months.The one trap in the kitchen had filled up so much that we had to discard it and replace it with a new trap. The trap in our garage was also replaced, because it seemed to get a build up of dust over the few months that it was out there. My husband uses the garage a lot for doing a lot of work in and I don't think the surface of the trap was still sticky inside. Although there were several moths that did get trapped in it when we first placed it out in the garage.

These traps should be checked at least weekly and should be disposed of if they get full with moths, or if you see that the traps may be getting excessively dirty inside possibly with a dust build up. Other wise the traps will not stay sticky inside to be able to trap the moths. According to the box the attractant in the lure in each trap should last up to 3 months. Like I said it will depend on how bad an infestation of moths you have. If you have many moths then you may have to re-place the traps sooner then 3 months.

When the trap got full, I carefully took the trap and wrapped it in newspaper, placed it in a plastic bag and threw it outside into our trash container. Then I washed my hands thoroughly. Even though the label says that these traps are safe and Non-toxic, I still washed my hands after handling the traps.

These Pantry Pest Traps can be placed near dried dog food, because they are safe and non toxic. But if you do have small children around I would recommend keeping these traps up high and away from small hands. You don't want small children handling these traps.

Well it's been a little over 3 months now since we had these moths, and I haven't seen one single moth in any of my cabinets or even flying around anywhere in my house. I do still keep one of these Safer Pantry Pest Traps in my kitchen on top of my fridge, and one in my garage also. I don't want to go through the agony of having these not so welcome flying moths in my home again.

These Safer Pantry Pest Traps do work very well. They are Pesticide free, safe and are Non- Toxic and will trap any kind of moths that are invading your home. Heck I've even saw a few house flies trapped in these traps also. They did a great job on eliminating my moth infestation, and are still keeping my home moth free today, and I do recommend these Safer Pantry Pest Traps. I do agree that these Safer Pantry Pest Traps are Safer to use, because they are Pesticide-free, and can be used anywhere in your home.

Thanks for Reading!


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