Saitek Cyborg PK17U Wired Keyboard Reviews
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Saitek Cyborg PK17U Wired Keyboard

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Keyboard for the night gamer.

Sep 18, 2009
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Pros:Bright and colorful lights.
Programmable keys.
USB and headset ports.
Durable etched keys.
Touch panel.

Cons:Larger than most other keyboards.
Requires powered USB port.
Lengthy installation.
Clunky software.

The Bottom Line: Get this keyboard if you play games in the dark.
I love it and if it dies I will be buying another.
Great value for the price.

When shopping for a keyboard, often times you aren't looking for anything special. It's just a keyboard, right? Not so with the Cyborg Keyboard (PK17U) from Saitek.

I was looking for a keyboard about a year ago to replace my old one that died from a spill, an Eclipse II also from Saitek. From day one, I have loved the Cyborg Keyboard.

The bright, multicolor back-lighting is all controlled from a stylish touch screen at the top of the keyboard. You can adjust color and brightness of the lights across the board, and you can use the cyborg button at any time to switch the keyboard over to "gaming mode" where specific sections of the keyboard are lit separately. This is all completely customizable to the colors of your choosing. All the lights can be turned on and off at any time from the touch screen panel.

This keyboard is designed with PC gamers in mind. The WASD, Arrows, and Spacebar keys are made from a more durable material than the other keys, ensuring they withstand the wear of computer gaming. While in "gaming mode" the windows key is disabled to prevent accidentally minimizing a game. Along the sides of the keyboard are 12 programmable custom keys. While I personally have not played any games where I have needed these keys, they work fine and do not get in the way of everyday keyboard usage. All the keys are etched so there is no ink to wear off. It even has pass-through USB and headset ports.

The keyboard is larger than others I have had in the past, so it may not fit well on smaller desks. It also requires a powered USB port in order for the lights to function. This isn't an issue if plugged directly into the computer, but may exclude some USB hubs. Each key is not individually lit, so there can be some color blending where two different colors meet. The installation process is a little lengthy, and the software that comes with it for the programmable keys is clunky. There are also some simple audio player controls included, but they only seem to work if the audio player window is active.

I do not think I will ever go back to a regular keyboard after owning the Cyborg. True to it's name, it has become a part of my everyday life. I highly recommend it, and Saitek as a whole to any PC gamer.
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