Saitek Cyborg PK17U Wired Keyboard Reviews
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Saitek Cyborg PK17U Wired Keyboard

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Cool and comfortable

Aug 24, 2010
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Pros:Chrome keys, backlit, media keys, macro keys, good CS, audio jacks and USB

Cons:No blue keys, large, macro keys hard to reach

The Bottom Line: I'm on the fence about recommending this board, it's nice but there are others out there that are better.

The saitek cyborg keyboard is a very versatile, comfortable keyboard with a wide range of features.

The keyboard features 'chromed' WASD keys (common keys for controlling a characters movement), space bar, and chromed arrow keys to easially find them without looking. The backlit keys provide multiple colors to suit your needs (red, green, yellow, orange, and amber) Initially I had purchased this keyboard hoping there was a blue, but that is only in the newest version of the cyborg.

Touch Panel:
The touch panel contains the 'off' switch for the backlight, volume control, mute, your media keys (play/pause, backwards, forwards), cyborg mode, and your keys to adjust the backlight colors, brightness, and specific area changes while in cyborg mode.
Cyborg mode:
By pressing the face icon in the middle of the touch panel activates cyborg mode. While in Cyborg mode, the windows key is deactivated to prevent accidental presses during gameplay, also while in cyborg mode, you can adjust the color, and brightness of various regions of the keyboard, specifically the WASD keys, the arrow keys, number pad, macro keys, and the rest of the board. Cyborg mode is the only mode that allows multiple colors on the keyboard otherwise the entire keyboard can only be one of the 5 colors.

Macro keys: 
Saitek provides you with 12 programmable macro keys to assist you during games, the keys are not 'on the fly' programmable and will have to be programmed through a special saitek software provided with your keyboard (It can also be downloaded at Saitek's website) The macro keys may be good for RPG games or MMORPG games, but they are not going to be very good for First Person Shooter games due to their distance from the other keys, and they are all designed the same so you will have to look down to see what key you are pressing. I have used the keys maybe 4-5 times maximum and haven't since so they are pretty useless for me and just take up space on the keyboard.
The keyboard it's self contains extension jacks for headphones and microphone, and a usb port that requires it's own dedicated usb plug in the back of the computer. I usually don't use the audio jacks at home (I have speakers it plugs into along with a 3.5mm extension) I use them at lan parties and they are very handy.

Overall, I would say the quality of the keyboard is slightly above average. The customer service of Saitek (Mad cats) is very good, I had to return this keyboard a few weeks after purchase because of a defective macro key (once in a lifetime screwup at the factory) and the replacement keyboard came pretty quickly BUT the keyboard they sent me was also defective with dead sectors, after calling, Saitek issued me another new keyboard letting me keep the old keyboard for any spare parts/keys.
After about 6 months of use, I have created a few wear marks on the wrist wrest and just below the space bar but that does not effect the performance.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 80.00

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