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Salton JM400 700 Watts Juicer

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decent beginning juicer

Jul 13, 2009
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Pros:larger opening than some, large pulp basket, looks great in black and silver

Cons:large opening not large enough, no recipes in user's guide

The Bottom Line: It's the best juicer at Wal-mart.  Doesn't mean it's the best out there, but certainly worth a try! 

I bought this juicer after my previous one bit the dust.  The old one was an el cheapo Black and Decker (which I also have a review on).  I went to use it one day and I just heard grinding plastic and smelled an awful burning smell.  Somehow the blade assembly ground the shroud below it up and sent plastic shards in to the juice I was making.  Off to Wal-mart I ventured to look for a new one.  I went to Wal-mart because they have a liberal return policy in case I wasn't happy with the new appliance. 

There were three to chose from.  The Black and Decker I was replacing, this one (which is branded as a Juiceman), and the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth.  I chose this one because it had both of the features I wanted.  A two speed motor and and a big round opening instead of the tiny kidney bean shaped thing most juicers have.  I paid around 90 bucks for this machine. 

I got it home and found that it was relatively easy to assemble.  The machine comes with the power plant itself (the part with the motor and the cord) which includes the blade assembly, shroud, and guard, along with the food pusher, pulp container, and juice container.  It also comes with a user's manual and a scrub brush for the blade assembly. 

The machine is very easy to use.  After cleaning and assembling it, just turn it on and shove the fruit or vegetables down the food chute.  Pulp is ejected into the pulp container and juice flows into the juice container that you have *hopefully* remembered to place under the spout (don't ask how many times I've forgotten and had juice cascading down the counter).  The great thing about the juice container is that it has a little divider in it which separates the actual juice from the froth.  This is especially nice for grape juice!  Of course fact that is has a froth separator also means there are more parts and crevices to clean which can be a pain.  The pulp container is large and simple to remove and replace.  The pulp produced by this model is still a little wet which means that the machine isn't as efficient as it could be.  Quite often, I will reprocess the pulp just to get as much juice out of it as I can.  Low speed is for soft fruits and vegetables and high speeds are for harder fruids and vegetables.

The cord is about a foot and half long (I'll measure it later and update this review if my estimate is wrong).  It could be a little longer I think.  I like to put the juicer at the end of the peninsula in my kitchen and plug it into an outlet that is near the floor.  The cord barely reaches.  I know they make a short cord for "safety" reasons, but if the user is tempted to use an extension cord, how safe can it be?  I think they use a short cord to be cheap and maximize their profits and do it in the name of safety!  The noise level of the motor is about what you'd expect for a machine of this type.  Noise level is pretty subjective, but this machine does not strike me as exceptionally loud nor quiet. 

Clean up

NO juicer is easy to clean.  Just the nature of the beast.  The included scrub brush works surprisingly well on the blade assembly of the juicer.  The rest of the parts are easily rinsed clean with hot water IF done immediately after juicing.  If one waits to clean, the mess sticks like glue. 

Things I don't like

There are a few things I do not like about this machine.  One is that the manual does not include any recipes.  The manual is poorly written and lacks details.  Another problem with this machine is that the "large" opening that is supposed to accommodate whole foods doesn't.  It will accommodate larger foods than the models without the large round opening.  However, it does not take whole apples unless they are sliced first... even small apples must be peeled first.  Pears must also be sliced up before they can be inserted into the juicer.  The large mouth needs to be even larger than it is!  Also, the manual says that the machine parts "may be washed in the dishwasher OCCASIONALLY" but that hand washing is best.  Juicers are messy things and to have one that isn't made to be placed in the dishwasher regularly is just crazy to me!  The final issue I have with this juicer (and maybe this is just me be being too picky) is that the control knob isn't easy to use.  It doesn't stick out enough to be easy to get hold of (especially when hands are wet as they often are when juicing), and my fingers frequently slip off when trying to change the settings.

I would consider this a beginner's juicer because it is centrifugal juicer.  People who are really serious about juicing usually get masticating, triturating, or press type juicers as they are more efficient and versatile.  All in all this is a decent juicer, but I think it is over priced for what you get.  A larger opening, with dishwasher safe parts, and a little better motor which extracted more juice and this thing would be a champ. 

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 90

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