Samsonite Nylon Wheeled Computer Case

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True Confessions of a Bag Lady, brought to you by Samsonite!

Jun 16, 2002 (Updated Jun 16, 2002)
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Pros:Slim design meets airline carry on requirements, plenty of room

Cons:It's irresistible

The Bottom Line: If you want one computer bag for every occasion, this is the one. Just the right size to protect a computer/hold office supplies, yet small enough for a carry-on.

Becoming a bag lady doesn't occur overnight. It happened rather insidiously, but it happened to me nonetheless. The day I realized it was a few months ago, when I was packing up my office preparing to move.

My Bags

I began dragging out computer bags as I packed. They were under the desk, in the file cabinet, behind the printer, and hanging on the coat hook. I didn't realize I had so many or such a variety of bags.

I lined them up against the wall for all the world to see:
* A very large, wheeled bag for out of town travel
* A leather bag that came with my Dell laptop that I usually carried to meetings because the wheeled bag was too bulky and embarrassing
* Two canvas computer bags that I carried on short trips which I could slip inside my carry-on suitcase
* A canvas tote bag silk-screened with the profile of a woman, an acquisition during a trip to Atlanta when I decided my computer bag was too heavy to lug. It is emblazoned with the words "GRITS -- Girls raised in the South" -- I paid way too much for it in a hotel gift shop.
* Three tacky and assorted tote bags from trade shows

I did have a lot of computer bags. Was I becoming a bag lady?

Sudden Realization

A friend walked into my office, saw all the computer bags lined up, and began laughing hysterically. "Do you think you have enough computer bags?"

I shrugged and decided I could part with the trade show bags. Then I only had five bags.

What About the Samsonite You're Supposed to be Reviewing?

I'm getting there, I promise. And this is a true story. Later that day -- during lunch -- I ran to Sam's to pick up a couple of gifts.

I was just walking along, minding my own business when it called out to me. It was a sleek and sexy, dressed all in black nylon, wheeled computer case. And it was Samsonite, no less. Model number 930935, to be exact.

Those sarcastic words still rang in my ears: Do you think you have enough computer bags?

I Tried to Resist Temptation, Really I Did

There was a bag out on display. It looked so good. It was tough and rugged with a 1680 denier ballistic nylon exterior. Those words alone were enough to work me into a frenzy.

It was fully-lined and nicely padded, with computer safety straps. It would be such a wonderful place for my laptop to travel comfortably and safely. It also included a nice zipper bag for computer cords and a mouse.

And it had pockets. My, yes, lots of pockets. The front pouch zipped open to reveal a plethora of pockets perfect for a cell phone, disk drive, pen, credit cards, travel itineraries, plane tickets, or even my Palm Pilot.

How Could Anyone Resist?

It was large enough to hold everything but small enough to look good and to fit under an airline seat. I could feel myself beginning to sweat as I pulled out my reading glasses to check out the specs on the box. It was a slim , trim 16.5" x 13" x 6". Be still my heart. Compared to my current wheeled bag that had bruised ankles from New York City to San Francisco, this was a chic vision of delight.

There was even a section in the back with dividers for file folders. I could actually find my work. Me? Organized? I put down the box and picked up the sample. The handle fit snugly in place while retracted, but was easily and smoothly released upon pressing the button on top and gently pulling. It retracted quickly and easily, as well. So nice.

This baby had everything I needed and more. It even included a small padlock for extra security. Once again I heard those words: Do you think you have enough computer bags?

"No, I don't!" I said a bit too loudly as the lady down the aisle looked at me with a raised eyebrow. I gingerly lifted one of the boxes and placed it into my cart. For $39.99 and a 10-year Samsonite warranty how could I lose?

Do I Regret It?

Needless to say everyone in my department howled when they saw I had added another bag to my collection. Let them laugh, I say. I love this bag. A girl can never be too thin, too rich, or have too many computer bags!

Actually, I have now rid myself of most of the other bags. The Samsonite is so flexible and handy I really don't need to keep all those other bags around for different travel reasons.

I can use this bag if I'm taking my laptop to a meeting, carrying it home, or traveling to another country. Even if I can't fly first class, my laptop still can.

I have not regretted this purchase for a minute. It rolls easily, fits nicely in the back seat of my car, and it is not an embarrassment to bring into a meeting. I haven't clipped any ankles or bruised any shins with this case either. There are travelers all across America thanking Samsonite right now.

Would I Buy It Again?

Absolutely! I recommend this for anyone who needs a wheeled, all-purpose computer bag. It looks great, protects a laptop, has plenty of organized storage space, and rolls easily.

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