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Samsung BD-P1590 Blu-Ray Player

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Jan 25, 2010 (Updated Jan 26, 2010)
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Pros:Many Entertainment Options. Ease of Use. Picture Quality and Remote. PRICE!

Cons:No Picture adjustments or Audio adjustments, to speak of.

The Bottom Line: GREAT Buy for Newbies, or a GIFT, not a Player for Audio or Videophiles or ayone who wants to adjust every option. BETTER, than some more pricey players!

After several generations of Blu-Ray players, this is an amazing unit for the price. Outside of the very first unit, I'd had every Samsung out there, and this would be the 6th generation of machines from the Korean company. While much smaller than previous units it packs a nice PUNCH, and offers MORE for the dollar investment than any Blu-Ray player.

While I am not saying it is the best player, out there, but that you get alot of bonus material here for a bargain price, and will explain what that is below.

PICTURE: Very NICE, vivid and chromo problems are just not here, Nice blacks and clear whites, do not require any real adjustments, that said, there is really no options to adjust, to enhance your picture as offered in some players with the exception of sharpness. Now,for a player in this price class, it is really not expected. What you get is a bright sharp picture. Below black pluge, which allows nice contrast and colors have great seperation, and true to life variety.

AUDIO: Sound is Good to Excellent, here again there is not alot of adjustment, BUT have played disks with various HD format Audio on them, all of them are handled well. Leaning more towards a Videophile picture and less towards a Audiophile machine, then again for the Average User it is PERFECT!

DESIGN: Not anything fancy here, just the basic unit, with  a face display, functional, and small footprint, if you want a more compact unit.

REMOTE: Quite a NICE one for the price of this player, no back light, full functions, and done in Gloss Black.

SETUP: VERY SIMPLE, with good instructions. GREAT buy for new users.

OPTIONS: Here is what sets the unit apart, and while I do not use these, MANY people are anxious to have these options and try them.
A. Netflix
B. Blockbuster Movies
C. Pandora

Some are free such as Pandora, and YouTUBE, alolowing radio and streaming video, however to watch movies both Blockbuster and Netflix charge. And what I saw was not on par with the Actual BLU-RAY MOVIE! The concept is to turn your TV into an internet ready, all in one machine, however, while the large screen is nice for video, as for me, I would rather have my TV to watch movies and deal with radio and streaming video on my computer. Then again many will enjoy this and it ADDS, to the longevity of the unit.

EXTRAS: One nice feature is the ability to use this unit with other brands that seem to recognize it and allow the use of one remote, While not listed as a option, the player does start play quixcker than most, and no real waiting for your movie.

USB, is another nice feature, along with the internet you can UPDATE YOUR UNIT with FIRMWARE, and also fom the internet with a CD-R. Thus again adding long life to the machine.

DVDs & UPconverting: The player can take your standard DVD to 1080p resolution, and do it well. Now the unit does not list itself as having HQV, a trademark of Silicon Optics Reon chips, used in  some previous SAMSUNG models, meaning Hollywood Quality Video. That said, it still does a NICE job UPconverting DVDs to 1080p, 1080i, and 720p.

VALUE: HIGH, mainly because of the many options available, here for viewing, while I wish some of this was dedicated to more actual picture and audio adjustments, I have to say, at this PRICE, the unit is a bargain and Best Buy.

LIFESPAN: I for one have never had any problem with Samsung products, with descent care, they seem to last years, and when testing this unit, I let a video screensaver play for 3days 24/7 and found it still playing fine.

OPINION: I base mine on the price class of machines, quailty, options, life of, and the use of. All of which are HIGH here. Also own or have tried many various brands, and have been deeply into video since the first UPconverting DVD players. So while I do not list specs available, on the makers website, I do have a strong base of comparrison to go on.

TESTS are done with SONY HDMI cable version 1.3b HIGH SPEED cable on a 42" Toshiba LCD 240mhz, and a SONY 40" 60mhz LCD.

NOTE: Price on this Unit has DROPED, keep an eye out because it was far more pricey to start with, and the same unit as BD-P1600. As I remember it was over 200$ then to 188$ and still going down.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 128.00

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