SanDisk SDSDB2-2048-A11 (2 GB) SD Card Reviews

SanDisk SDSDB2-2048-A11 (2 GB) SD Card

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Lots of Storage on this SanDisk SD Card!

Jun 7, 2009
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Pros:small lightweight card, 2gb offers lots of storage room, inexpensive, SanDisk reliability

Cons:have to be careful not to lose the small card

The Bottom Line: This SanDisk SD card is great for media storage.

I was using a SanDisk 512mb SD card in my digital camera.  It was a good card, but when I started taking more photos, I needed a card with more storage room.  That is why I purchased this SanDisk Secure Digital Memory Card.


This 2gb SD card measures about 1" x 1 1/4".  This supeer-thin card is blue with the SanDisk red and white logo.  The card is directional, meaning that it has different top and bottom sides.  If you slide the card into the slot the wrong way, it will not work.

There is a tiny (almost unnoticeable) gray slider on the side of the card.  When this slider is moved, it write-protects the card, making it impossible to save material to the card.  A handy feature if you don't want to accidentally save files to the SD card.  When the lock is activated, my camera displays a message saying the card is locked.  In this state, I can view the images on the card, but I cannot add images to the card.

SanDisk says this card is compliant with all SD devices.  It is recommended for storing high quality photos, video, music, "and more".

My Experiences

I own other SanDisk items and am very pleased with the brand name, which is one reason why I went with this 2gb SD card.  I have never had a problem with SanDisk products.  Also, these 2gb cards are very affordable.

When this card is empty, and I insert it into my Canon digital camera, the display shows I have 1,158 photos available to take.  This is on the SuperFine setting at 2048 x 1536 resolution.  At the same resolution, the Fine setting allows just over 2,000 photos, and the Normal setting offers just over 4,000 photos.  With a lower resolution, you can take even more photos on this card.

I primarily use this SD card to store photographs.  We have a lot of family gatherings, and I enjoy snapping images while I socialize.  Sometimes I will also use the video feature on my digital camera to capture moving images, rather than still shots.  I especially like to take videos during holiday gatherings.  Also, my father plays ragtime piano, and he often creates his own music on the spot or weaves together bits of different songs into an entertaining medley.  These are moments I want to capture so that later generations can appreciate his talent and music.

This card allows me to take a lot of photos without having to change SD cards.  With my 512mb SD card, I often reached a point where I would have to choose whether to delete pictures or not to take photos since the card quickly filled with images.  No need to worry with this 2gb card.  I have never yet used this card to capacity, even when taking a few videos.

Sometimes I don't immediately empty the SD card of the images, and then when I grab the camera and am on my way, I remember that the card is partly filled.  I like it that the ample 2gb of room on this card means I don't have to panic.  With over 1,000 photographs available to take using the card, I'm all set.

This is an easy card to use.  It just slides into a slot in my digital camera.  When I am ready to transfer photos to my computer, I simply remove the SD card from the camera and insert it into the SD slot in my computer.  My computer (both desktop and laptop) have built-in card readers.  I can copy, save, and delete images directly from the card.  It is also easy to open the images in Photoshop or another image editing program.


Staples sells this 2gb SD card for $9.99.  It's a great value considering that SanDisk offers this card in a 2-pack with a retail value of $31.99.


I definitely recommend this SanDisk Secure Digital Memory Card.  It works great for me.  No longer do I have to delete photos from a card with too little memory.  This 2gb offers plenty of room to capture future memories!

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy your day,

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Copyright 2009 Dawn L. Stewart

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