SanDisk SD 8 GB Class 2 - SDHC Card - (SDSDB8192BULK) Reviews
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SanDisk SD 8 GB Class 2 - SDHC Card - (SDSDB8192BULK)

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Does Size Matter When Performance is Great?

Mar 18, 2009
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Pros:Peformance, price, storage, versatility and more.

Cons:They will make better ones.

The Bottom Line: Good lord, huge performance, capacity, long lasting, and in a small package for a low price: things keep getting better and better!

How Does Performance Offset Size? (Does Size Matter?)


James Zaworski

SanDisk (SD), a great company that provides industry standard products for digital cameras, and for the interface with many, and most, modern, computers.  No matter your digital camera brand, be it Nikon, Sony, Canon, the type of device, in terms of size, specifications, and standardization, SD sets one of the standards for digital memory sticks that are compact, high performance, and high capacity.  What follows is a table of information about this product, some company information, followed by my review of what I like or dislike about this product.

Product information. (source:,  and

Product MPN
Key Features
SD Card
8 GB
Other Features
Operating Voltage:
2.7 - 3.3 Volts
32 mm
24 mm
2.1 mm
Product ID:

What I Like About Sandisk 8 Gb Memory Card.

Performance and Versatility.

I have two Nikon digital cameras (Coolpix), and have three computers (a Toshiba Satellite, Acer and a now defunct eMachines), and all of the above can function directly with this Sandisk 8 Gb Memory Card.  I have noticed that friends of mine who own Canon digital cameras, both SLR and compact camera, use SanDisk as their memory card of choice.  No one has complained about his or her experience in using this brand, and, in particular, two of my colleagues use the 8 Gb Sandisk Memory Card as their choice, their preferred choice, for memory cards for their digital photography needs.  One is my close personal friend, and he is also not only a computer geek, but also, a photography afficianado.  He has shown me the various nuances of having such a chip in not only your camera, but to think of it as a ‘feather in your cap’, as it were.  For example, not only does this device perform impeccably, but it is so small, that it fits in the palm of your hand.  I daresay, if your hand is as small as that of a one year old child, it could fit there no problem.  In terms of performance, this device is fast, virtually instantaneous in terms of data transfer from photograph to device, and likewise, from chip to computer.  It fits a huge variety of digital camera brands, and fits virtually into any of the built in card readers for it’s size.  The older computer will not have such a built in card reader, but I have an eMachines laptop from 2005, and it can, unexpectedly, use this device.  My brand new Toshiba laptop functions with it, as does the mini Acer laptop that I purchased recently, and in terms of digital cameras, my old Sony digital camera, and current Nikon Coolpix digitals work with this device, as do my colleagues Canon’s, both SLR digital and compact digital cameras.  It’s pretty versatile and has great performance.  I understand that in terms of “virtual memory”, using “readyboost” in the Windows Vista operating system environment, that memory cards such as this can serve to enhance your RAM, or random access memory, for your computer.  I have used this device to augment and assist my existing 3 Gb of RAM, and this device, when used in conjunction with readyboost in Windows Visa, will help your computer to deal with excess memory functions.  This is one reason why I purchased this device, among the other more tangible, reasons.

Storage Capacity.

I can’t believe that such a small size can hold so much information!  How much, and how small is too small?  How Does Performance Offset Size? (Does Size Matter?)  This little memory card would, if taken back to 1975, astound IBM computer professionals.  8 Gigabytes is a vast amount of information to store.  Remember, storage space is different than memory.  However, in the world of tomorrow’s technology, perhaps the two will become as one, depending on the interface of the external, and internal, storage and memory capacities.  This will be tied with the operating systems, and their ability to work with the physical, external, devices.

This is neither here nor there in terms of storage capacity.  You can fill this baby up with thousands of digital photos, depending on your settings for your photos.  You can easily fill it with mp3’s or mp4’s, songs.  You can fit as many, or more, digital songs on this, as your iPod Nano.  This tiny chip holds, more physical storage space, as my HP Pavillion from 1998, and it was a huge desktop tower!


This SanDisk 8 Gb costs as low as $10 used, but expect to pay $40-60 retail at the high priced technology stores.  However, in this day and age of the global economic crisis, and recession, expect some deals.  My bet is wait and see, the price will fall.  I’m in China, and I can buy this for a song.

All in all, the 8 GB has great capacity, performance, and is the state of the art device for now. The price is also low, and it will go down as months go by. The capacity will increase for these devices, and the price for this particular device will drop, over time. I picked mine up in China, where these are manufactured. I paid less than you will pay in the USA or Europe. But give it time, you will find this device to cost less and less over time. If you need it now, buy it. Enjoy it. You will not be disappointed. 

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