SanDisk Extreme Pro 16 GB 600x - CompactFlash I Card - (SDCFXP-016G-A91) Reviews

SanDisk Extreme Pro 16 GB 600x - CompactFlash I Card - (SDCFXP-016G-A91)

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Jun 18, 2012
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Pros:When the card worked, it was blazing fast.

Cons:My D800 is not reliable with this card.

The Bottom Line: I hope I just had a bad card.  For now, I'm avoiding it.  If your D800 acts up, look at the card.

BLUF:   The Sandisk Extreme Pro CF 16 GB card caused a malfunction in my D800.  Upon removal, camera began to work fine.

  I recently upgraded from a Nikon D200 to a D800.  I'm quite impressed with the D800 and was thinking that my Sandisk CF cards from my D200 may not be up to the task.  With my D800, one shot at "JPG Normal" creates an 8 - 9 MB size file.  In "Raw", it creates a 44+ MB file.  It doesn't take too many images to fill a 2 GB card.

 I ordered the Extreme Pro 16 GB (90 mb/s) card from Amazon.  When it arrived, I popped it into my D800 and fired off about 10 rapid shots.  The green light that tells you that the card is being written to barely flickered.  Fast!

  That evening, I had a VIP shoot so I decided to use this card.  Things started off well but after about 40 shots, my D800 started to malfunction.  The auto focus would keep searching and refuse to focus.  Of course the camera refused to trip the shutter.  I tried manual focus - nothing.  I tried other program modes - nothing.  I swapped lens - nothing.  I removed the battery and replaced it - nothing.  I swapped the battery - nothing.  Meanwhile, the VIP's are coming and going.  Now this camera has worked fine on two previous shoots so I was stumped.  It finally came to me that the only new factor was the Extreme Pro CF card.  I removed it and the D800 automatically defaulted to the Sandisk SD card.  It worked fine and I started shooting again.  During a pause, I popped in an older Sandisk Extreme II CF card and the D800 kept working like normal.  I finished the shoot going between my old CF cards and the SD card.

  The following morning, I downloaded what images I had on the Extreme Pro card, formatted it in camera, and then started shooting.  After about 25 shots, my D800 began to malfunction again.  I formatted the card again and emailed Amazon.  Amazon responded the following day and I had an RMA the day after.    I've ordered two Sandisk Extreme (60 mb/s) cards and they should be here in a couple of days.  I'll give those a try next.

  I'm not really sure what happened but I do know that my D800 does not like this card.  

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