SanDisk microSDHC 8 GB Class 4 - MicroSDHC Card - (SDSDQR-8192) Reviews

SanDisk microSDHC 8 GB Class 4 - MicroSDHC Card - (SDSDQR-8192)

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Micro SDHC Flash Card - Todays New Standard

Sep 14, 2011
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Pros:Micro SDHC 8GB Capacity! Fast Response Time! Extremely Portable! Can Store Anything!

Cons:Very Few Devices These Days Use These Cards!

The Bottom Line: New digital devices will use these cards, and these 8GB ones are your best bang for buck card!

Personally, I find it amazing how far technology has gone. It wasn't that long ago when people thought that all data would only be on disks, further back ago, people thought data would always be on tapes. I grew up in the days of the Apple II computers, they didn't even have a hard drive, data was stored on 5.25" disks, which were soon replaced by the more durable 3.5" floppy disks, by the time the first all in one Mac's were developed.

And just when people thought we were not going to go beyond that, the floppy drive was entirely replaced by the USB flash drive. I believe the first ones were 2MB, and then were slowly developed into the larger 512MB Compact Flash cards 10-years ago. It seems we have a major break in technology every 5-years or so, because 5-years later, the first mini SD card came out. These have been popular for years now, ranging in sizes between 512MB to 16GB.

However, with digital devices getting smaller and smaller, one has to create a flash card that has just as good, if not more capacity then that of the old standard, and thus, the micro SDHC flash cards were born. :-) The card I bought was sent with SD card adapters as well! While this is cool and all, most digital devices during the mini SD days, did not utilize 8GB cards, so don't bother with the adapter unless you know!

EXPERIENCE: These flash cards come already formatted for our computers, so all I had to do was pop it into my portable media player, and I was ready to begin transferring movies to it. The amount of movies you can get onto an 8GB card depends on compression. Without compression, your only going to get 2 movies on it. With extreme compression, you might be able to get 20 movies on the card. With standard compression, you might be able to get 10 movies onto the card.

I bought these cards because, I was using far too much space on my built in memory unit, on my PMP device. I wanted to reserve it for just MP3's, which for a 4GB capacity, that works out wonderfully. But as you know, movies take up a lot of space, so I was tired of only having one movie to watch on it.

I must have transferred over 10 movies to the flash card, and it took roughly 45-minutes to complete the transfer, using USB 2.0 interface. One of the things I noticed was that my movies were not perfectly smooth before, when using my PMP's built in memory unit. However, playback of movies over the micro SDHC memory card, leaves me very impressed, as it is much smoother.

CONCLUSION: If your looking for an extremely portable flash card medium, these cards fit the bill nicely. They weigh less then an ounce, and are no bigger then the size and thickness of your fingernail! Like I said in the beginning, I am very amazed at how far we have come in technology. 5 out of 5

SPECS: "Brand Name: SanDisk" "Memory Storage Capacity: 8 GB" "Device Type: Flash memory card" "Form Factor: microSDHC" "Hardware Platform: PC"

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